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31/5/2022 2:23 pm  #1

£99 season tickets

Carshalton and Merstham are selling £99 season tickets   I hope everyone doesn't mind ours being a little more expensive.  The cost of sweeties for our children in the first team has gone up with the living crisis.      


31/5/2022 3:07 pm  #2

Re: £99 season tickets

Yes Gary, but the two teams you mention are normal real Football Clubs, not the shambles that masquerades as a football club, since 2005.or should I say 2000.In my opinion, which I have stated many times before,  the the Football club should have been dissolved, and that would have alleviated all the heartache of the fans that have had to  endure all the farcical situations and  embarrassments over the years. But that could not happen because of all the government grants involved to  build the hub facilities. 

look around South London and witness how our rivals have progressed, and even minor junior clubs have over taken us. To the extent of loaning out Imperial Field to  help other clubs to achieve their ambitions, while our own team we support will never have any ambitions under the current player management and owner.  The club goes into  complete meltdown at the thought of promotion and all the overheads that brings.



31/5/2022 5:39 pm  #3

Re: £99 season tickets

It's such a shame because the youth set up is very good. I don't like the Tandridge leagues but with Tooting's location it is probably a lot more cost affective and logistically easier to organise with so many teams in the Surrey Youth League in Middlesex.  I am grateful I am no longer making those away trips to Middlesex on a Sunday morning. Also it proves with decent coaching the best players will come through regardless of the standard they are playing as young kids. Antoniou,  Jones and all the others have proved that. The facilities they can enjoy at the stadium and at Farm Road is very good. I am sure the parents pay the club well with their subscriptions fees.
As we know it's when we get to the first team it fails and let's the paying customers down.
The fans of Tooting and Mitcham are treated like idiots.
If we are going to carry on with the youth project in the first team.  I see no reason to keep the club at a Semi Pro status. The club might as well turn completely amateur and get the players to pay a subscription fee. That way the Grown ups can enjoy a lot more money and there will be no need to have a playing budget. They could also keep their grant money as long as they keep the name. Sorted !
Tooting will probably end up in a Surrey League but that will not bother some people.

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