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21/7/2022 6:01 am  #26

Re: Any news on in's and out's?

HAHAHA   Just seen the page ev and its one more entry for the Tooting joke book 


21/7/2022 9:44 am  #27

Re: Any news on in's and out's?

It was tongue-in-cheek Dan I know, but really it is a sad reflection on our club that it does not keep its supporters informed on the first team on its official site.

Compare it to Sutton Common Rovers https://www.suttoncommonrovers.com/

Football football football on its home page.


21/7/2022 12:53 pm  #28

Re: Any news on in's and out's?

I know ev and the bozos that run the club wonder why people are so negative you couldant make it up.


21/7/2022 1:00 pm  #29

Re: Any news on in's and out's?

I have a friend who lives in New Milton.  The "big" team in the area is Bashly (we weren the same league not so long ago!).  Out of interest I had a gander at their webpage:


Once again, everything that the admission paying fan wants to see right in their face.


22/7/2022 12:16 am  #30

Re: Any news on in's and out's?

Wow can't believe this site doesn't have up to date info on the 1st team.Check it out https://tmufc.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=3406

Come on everthedag, dannocolic, mokem sort it out

I'd have thought you'd have have toned things down after how you affected your mate Gary.

If only the official site mentioned who has signed.
Oh wait, I've found the page, shocking!!



22/7/2022 6:34 am  #31

Re: Any news on in's and out's?

I like the names podface very good your almost as funny as the state of the team great start so far isnt it.


22/7/2022 10:37 am  #32

Re: Any news on in's and out's?

Poddington, your poor brain must have been working overtime on your response to the to Dan and Ev's  comments. 

1. I think Ev and Dan were referring to the July version of the website, not June. Other clubs are now full of info on players and pre-season performances in July.

2.: As for mocking a fan with severe mental conditions for many years which is controlled by medical drugs, but still posted coherent and factual postings is absolutely disgraceful and disgusting. In fact he did not leave the forum because of how it affected him. Read my posting properly forum posting before you make such such comments.....He left because in his words  "The Club has Gone!. Like so many before him both fans and volunteers he had enough. Also what makes you think Gary is a friend of mine, another assumption from your overworked brain!

3. Secondly, Why should  I and others tone down our postings because of Gary departure from this forum, assumptions again!. .


22/7/2022 5:34 pm  #33

Re: Any news on in's and out's?

Well, that was informative Ev 🙄

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

25/7/2022 6:31 pm  #34

Re: Any news on in's and out's?

18 August Fans Forum with manager and some senior players, followed by invite to watch some of first team training. Details at




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