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07/10/2017 5:21 pm  #1


Much better. Still very leaky at the back. Not great in the first half but obviously the break and wise words from frank and Paul was just what the players needed, we were a different team second half.

Matte Pierson has been excellent since being back, we would have lost today without him.

Omar effective today and good for him to do it against his old club. Mike Dixon still hasn't clicked into gear, maybe a goal for him wil change that.

Chace O'Neill excellent today and Dom M-G was the best player on the park. Absolutely outstanding.

I still think better teams will tear us apart because we can't defend, but we attacked well and were dominant for most of the second half. We've proved we can make chances and score goals, let's tighten up at the back.

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07/10/2017 6:54 pm  #2


What about Dominic Morgan-Griffiths? Just 18 but the strength and vision of an experienced senior player. A real star in the making


07/10/2017 8:24 pm  #3


I thought it was a very entertaining game today.We just want the 3 points,which we got,but credit to Worthing.I guess two teams at the bottom defences were not going to be on top.Something new with Omar and Dixon up front.It caused them lots of problems.Dunn took his goal well and lets hope lots more to come.Can we play this way away from home?I don't think so..As was said earlier I was delighted to see Dom play,and I think he played a great game along with Chace,who I thought had his best game.Work to do but 3 points in the bag.Still a stronger midfielder is needed and a right back.


07/10/2017 8:55 pm  #4


Congratulations to all the travelling Worthing fans, you supported your team well in both, numbers and noise generated, it made for an entertaining competition between yourselvesnd the "Bog Ender`s".
Only one gripe, please could you ask your drummer to leave his drum behind when we come to your place, boy do they grind my gear`s, along with trumpet`s, what is wrong with the old wooden rattle?

I personally thought that young Dominic was my player of the match, showed some of his seniors what comittment and endevour really mean.
Now let us carry on the momentum next Saturday out in the wilds of Essex.


07/10/2017 10:38 pm  #5


Thought Nathan Corkery looked very promising with good skills.


08/10/2017 12:31 am  #6


Not surprisingly given our positions in the table and the importance of this game both teams looked extremely nervous and wary of making mistakes.

It was great to score the first goal which settled things down. But then we still conceded two soft goals.
Not sure why Quincey was judged to be the one who had to make way after the capitulation on Tuesday. Not my candidate for sure.

Playing with Mike and Omar being strong and determined up front we had to get the ball in the box a lot more. And we settled in to a pattern of doing that which worked well.
Win the ball at the back or in midfield. Quickly get it out wide and press them down the flanks.
But...we still had players dwelling on the ball too long and losing possession.  Thankfully not Dominic who led by example in keeping things simple through a very impressive 2nd half.
And when a break came in the game who was it going round making sure all the boys were singing from the same songsheet?  The senior players?   Our illustrious leader?   That was Dom too.

Oh how we desperately need a right back. And one that will not get injured the moment he arrives!

What a relief.  Onward and upward.


08/10/2017 9:40 am  #7


That was so important....That was the most important league win since our last one​....Billy Dunn was amazing when he come on...But I thought that Matty Pierson was the man yesterday, he has been amazing since he come back... Omar showed Worthing why they shouldn't have released him, he was amazing and he showed that he is stronger then Akinfenwa ​... Domonic had a great game... he is an exceptional talent with loads of potential.....

​About the crowd, there was more that 256 there surley, there must have been over 300 there. Hopefully this win lifts the momentum for the rest of the season 


08/10/2017 10:54 am  #8


Glad to see that your pre-match team talk worked Anthony!
Can you do it before every game?


08/10/2017 11:51 am  #9


Well done to all concerned! Great response to mid-week defeat and when falling behind. Of course there are better sides than Worthing out there but they also created lots of chances and had talent going forward contributing greatly to an entertaining game. I think they will now start to pick up a few points.
Better balance in the side with players more comfortable in their roles and lots of decent performances. Dominic was outstanding, contributing quality and a lot of energy. Lots to improve on of course as we are struggling defensively, especially down our right flank and when they broke at pace down the middle. A roller coaster of a game but this time we found a way to get over the line. This is the type of game we have not been winning up till now so hopefully this can be a turning point. Once again, well done to management and all players.


08/10/2017 3:56 pm  #10


A fine effort. Especially the heart shown in the 2nd half as we looked very flat after they scored their 1st goal.

Still a lot of our old frailties were on show but this time we did enough to get over the line. We are going to have a lot of games where neither side will dominate for 90 minutes so it's vital we strike when we're on top - which we did yesterday.

I was also happy with Dominic Morgan-Griffiths who I thought added a bit of pace into the middle of the park which is one thing our central midfielders lack a bit.

Very happy to get the first win, but at the back of my mind is that it was "only Worthing". So it's really important that we get a result next week against Brightlingsea.


08/10/2017 7:28 pm  #11


It has been a long time since I’ve written on here through a combination of not bothering and dejection, but after witnessing yesterday’s fight back I must commend the side and the management.

After the Staines defeat I was sure that Frank Wilson was out the trap door along with Paul Dale but Steve Adkins has stood by them and we must commend him ( no sarcasm or snipers) he puts the money in whatever it is.
We all want a better set of results but we must stand tall and united and not jump a sinking ship as this team needs us to support and encourage them . Wilson & Dale are the ones who work within the budgets and are not miracle workers so let’s remember that .

Onto the team who were on the canvas at half time they picked themselves off it and delivered the knock out blows with young Dominic in midfield showing guts , energy that had been missing , foulkes did a few Ali shuffles with his footwork and got the all important 3rd priceless.... corkery finally came in and showed his tricks and almost scored a wonder goal so a few players were on there game finally AKA  Chace O’Neil and Billy Dunn putting one in the onion bag .. 1 win doesn’t make a season but it does restore hope and confidence amongst the ranks .. let’s build on this with sterner tests awaiting a couple of 6 footers would be greatly received by us .. we are not dead yet and are fighting once again.


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