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04/8/2018 9:07 pm  #1


Could somebody enlighten me as to why, one of the best player's within our squad, who has not even been given a total of 90 minutes playing time, yet has scored two goals, was told today to turn out for the under 23`s. When he asked the coaches/manager the reason why, conflicting reason`s were given, none of which were satisfactory.
I am talking about Danny Clements.
Last season it was Frank who did not trust him, although he never let us down and this season it appears to be the current coaching staff with the same attitude.
If I were advising him I would suggest his football career should follow a different path from the present one.
Are we so blessed with quality wide men that we can treat a player in this manner, especially one who has shown loyalty to the club under difficult circumstances last season, yet still turned up for this one prepared to fight for his place and in so doing shown sufficient ability to be worth at least a start.
Referring to a different post, on another thread, it is this kind of situation that causes disillusionment amongst supporters.



04/8/2018 9:18 pm  #2


I did not wish to question Dan in depth as we were in the bar and several players were present.
Like yourself, he should certainly be an automatic starter, but this is not the first player, and certainly will not be the last, who gets treated in an unsatisfactory manner.

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05/8/2018 5:30 am  #3


Dan is an intelligent person. I don't bother with pre-season games as they often give false indications of the team.

I will wait until the real football starts against Northwood.

I Agree that Dan Clements is a important player along with many others, and hope it was only for fitness reasons.


05/8/2018 8:25 am  #4


I too can't understand what is going on with Dan. I had assumed he had an injury as he wasn't playing after the Staines opener but apparently not. Not in a 16 man squad it beggars belief. We are not over blessed with talent and apart from any other attributes he is one of our best finishers. I suspect that Ash is hell bent on being very prescriptive about playing 3-5-2 regardless and is not sure where to play Dan. However, I agree with FF - Dan is an intelligent player and I believe he can adapt to a number of roles. He is one of our most gifted players and it worries me if Ash is not able to see what the fans on this forum all clearly agree about getting Dan in the side.


05/8/2018 9:44 am  #5


He should be in team.One of our best players.Having said that 3-5-2 or 5-3-2 makes it hard to find a place.Im away so didn’t see yestaday match.Do we know yet who’s signed up to play or not.?


05/8/2018 12:04 pm  #6


dont know why dan clements was not included in the squad unless he is not fit or maybe is carrying a knock
but i hope the new manager is not leaving him out because he does not fit into the system he wants to play.
as someone hes already said we are not exactly blessed with good players and dan is certainly one in that
catagory.i only hope ashley is not going to fall into the same trap as the previous manager in being 
stubborn as to changing his system when needed.look where that got us last season.


05/8/2018 12:31 pm  #7


I agree that Clements is one of our better players and played a pivotal role when we won the league.

But there are many reasons that a manager won't pick a player. For example has the player been ignoring instructions on the pitch? Is he a slacker in training or at our level does he even turn up regularly. Is he a bad apple in the dressing room? Or maybe he just doesn't fit into a team philosophy. I remember Billy Smith hardly ever seemed to use genuine wingers, tending to take the more pragmatic option of more central midfielders.

Either way, you have to back the manager's judgement at this stage of the season. Hopefully he is building a successful team and if Clements doesn't fit, or the manager prefers somebody else then so be it. It's all about the team, not necessarily the players.


05/8/2018 1:16 pm  #8


endo of course you are right,there are lots of reasons you would not pick a certain player,but if the reasons
are the ones you have stated are the reasons then surely you would not mess about you would get rid.


05/8/2018 1:34 pm  #9


That is my argument, if the coach does not think a player is  not suited to the way he wants to set a team up, then tell him and he can look elsewhere, which is not what happened which in my book is not being fair to the player.

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05/8/2018 4:28 pm  #10


alan have sent you a pm


06/8/2018 6:58 am  #11


Darren Parker wrote on the TMUFC WhatsApp that Dan is going on holiday to Vietnam for 10 days soon and this might be the reason he is out of favour. He is a teacher and has to take is holidays in the school holidays. Pity all the TMUFC chats can't be co-ordinated and we see all comments.



06/8/2018 2:10 pm  #12


With respect, what some of you are failing to understand is, the coaching staff were asked by Dan, "why am I not getting game time, and why , today, (meaning Saturday) am I playing for the under 23`s, no satisfactory answers were forthcoming even though they all new he would be taking a holiday.
I don`t know what you think but I feel it is totally unacceptable that they could not tell the man a plausible reason.

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06/8/2018 3:07 pm  #13


We haven't even kicked a ball in anger and already the forum is going daft.

The only ones who truly know what was said are the people involved. The rest of us are just guessing or getting half the picture.

I'm reliably informed that one of our players got really upset about comments made on here about him and the fact the people were just putting two and two together and making five. He has since left the club.

This forum is a good place to let of steam and to get points across... But spreading rumours or half truths do everyone involved with the club no favours at all.


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