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02/5/2019 8:14 pm  #1


It appears that the Conference officials are not happy with the amount of loose pellets on the surface, stating they could be a health and safety hazard.

Would any supporters have a Hoover they would be prepared to loan to Dorking in their possible quest to remove the excess. https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons2/big-grin.png

On a more serious note, how is it possible that the Surrey FA have not noted this issue earlier and bought it to the attention of Dorking officials.


03/5/2019 11:37 am  #2


Alan, in reply to your question, the Surrey FA know all about the state of the pitch because they have their headquarters there. In fact most of the finals are being held there. I just hope the football conference will do something about it. Hopefully if they are not happy they could boot them out. (wishful thinking on my behalf)


03/5/2019 8:21 pm  #3


That was the point that I was making Geoff, how was it left so late?
My personal thought`s are, I am not a lover of plastic pitches and never will be, but at this level it is probably going to be the future.

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03/5/2019 10:18 pm  #4


At least Dorking want to move forward!


05/5/2019 8:04 pm  #5


Treading  a path that many others have followed in the past, only to fall flat on their face when the money men leave.
No thank-you, not for me, I would rather have a club run on the same lines as ours, not here today then gone tomorrow.

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08/5/2019 9:34 am  #6



If you would like Dorking Wanderers FC "run on the same lines as" Tooting & Mitcham United FC my advice to Dorking Wanderers is:-



08/5/2019 10:47 am  #7


Dorking Wanderers have been very lucky in having the Surrey FA using Meadowbank as it's HQ (wonder how much they paid towards the ground!). If every Surrey Final is played there from now on how much will Dorking earn just from that?

Must say I was totally underwhelmed by Meadowbank - poor playing surface, lack of toilets, crap floodlights, a PA system that makes Roy Sisley sound like a Pro!. Not sure if there are enough seats for the National league either! 

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08/5/2019 10:57 am  #8


I can’t see this being a long term venue for Dorking Wanderers if they are going to progress. I would have thought that there is very little opportunity to expand much beyond the set up they currently have. The spectating experience would not be great with any crowds much above 1000. Thought the attendance seemed larger than the official figure last night - presumably quite a few non paying guests.


08/5/2019 11:26 am  #9


Lampost" I think that running a club on sustainable lines is far better than money from outsiders ( who can walk away at any time) than the short term fix which so many clubs have tried and failed using financial benefactors, and have either ceased to exist or now find themselves in a far worse situation than when they started, one which instantly springs to mind is Kingstonian, take some time to read their fans forum and see how pleased they are with the situation they now find themselves in.
I feel that the path we as a club are trying to follow has far more positives than negatives. I would like to know how much Dorking as a club have spent in comparison to ourselves to achieve where they are now in comparison to our clubs costs having experienced the season we have just enjoyed, and is the cost justified and sustainable?

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11/5/2019 9:48 am  #10


The FA Ground Grading regulations for Step 2 ( National League North and South ) state that " the minimum capacity is 3,000 " and " the minimum covered area is for 500, of which 250 must be seats in one stand ". Also that " by the third consecutive season of membership at Step 2, clubs must have at least 500 covered seats ".
The Wikipedia page for Dorking Wanderers states that the Meadowbank capacity is 2,000, as did the Non League Paper in an article about the new ground.
I think that a crowd of 2,000 at Meadowbank would make for uncomfortable viewing. I assume that they have been given a deadline of 31 March 2020 to get the capacity up to 3,000. Seems odd that more building work is necessary in a new ground. Re the 3 year requirement for 500 seats, maybe they are banking on being relegated back to Step 3.


21/5/2022 7:23 pm  #11


Dorking Wanderers 3 Ebbsfleet United 2


22/5/2022 9:04 am  #12


Thanks for rejuvenating this thread Stan.  One has to laugh at the jealous fans coming up with all sorts of twaddle about Dorking's ground and comparing the Dorking approach to progress to that of Tooting.

Well, it's Conference footie for Dorking and Istmian South Cesspit for us.

Good luck to them.


22/5/2022 11:21 am  #13


Hi Alan and Geoff G good to see a posting from you both hope you are both okay.
The comments on Dorkings pitch are absolutly right saw a bit of video from a recent game at meadowbank and there were clouds of black dust coming up all the time which cant be good for the players health for what i know about artificial pitches they must have installed a cheaper type cause that shouldant be happening a
good example was whytleafes plastic pitch.

ON the subject of football club owners Alan you know my views on adkins as a owner and yes a football club must be run as sustainably as possible but our owner is the opposite end of the spectrum and is so tight he makes Fagin look like the last of the big spenders.
The fact is hes not in my opinion even that great a business man if he was he would realise that putting some decent investment into the football team would reap a decent reward in better crowds after all he has a great ground for a start and the crowd we get now is quite frankly a joke he may be a good business man in other areas but he knows naff all about running a football club.


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