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18/9/2019 1:55 pm  #1

Online Tickets

Can anyone explain the benefit to the supporter of buying match day tickets online. Just had a look for the Dorking game and one adult and one U16 ticket will cost me £12.50 on the day it will be £10.00.  


18/9/2019 5:16 pm  #2

Re: Online Tickets


We are looking to offer discounts on the website for buying match tickets in the future but at this time they are more aimed for casual fans than regular supporters. As the Dorking game is an FA Cup match there are strict rules about admission prices so these could not be discounted.

The charge for one adult and one child admission would be £11 in the gate. Unfortunately the additional cost is the admin charge applied by See tickets and does not go to the club.

Would be interested to hear any thoughts about promotions that people think might work?


19/9/2019 10:23 am  #3

Re: Online Tickets

I can't really see any benefit to the supporter at the moment.  Its not as if we are likely to have a sell out any time soon!  But its another scheme that the club are trying to implement and any new ideas should be welcomed.  Its good the the club are trying different approaches.

But I would suggest that there won't be any take up on the online ticket sales unless there is a discount on the gate price.  Perhaps the club could try offfering discounted tickets for a few games - even a pound less.  Then see how much interest there is in it.


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