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15/12/2019 11:21 am  #1

BE...WARE !!! Of the TERRORS!!!

Outstanding team performance yesterday afternoon against high flying Ware after a early setback. Each and every Tooting and Mitcham players worked solidly with determination throughout and well deserved the potential 6 pointer. Also thought the Ref had a good game all bar a genuine penalty shout for the Terrors in the second half... and all this entertainment was for FREE. Well done.


15/12/2019 11:55 am  #2

Re: BE...WARE !!! Of the TERRORS!!!

Agreed.  A very entertaining game with the points in doubt right up to the final whistle.  My man of the match was Danny Basset, phenomenal work rate from him, especially in the first half.

Yes, should have had a penalty in the second half, with what looked a pretty obvious handball.
One frustration for me, constantly giving the ball away in the late stages of the game, playing high risk passes when going for a third goal. Yes, that third goal would have killed the game, but Ware looked pretty decent going forward themselves. A little bit more care in possession in that time would have made the last ten minutes a little less tense.


15/12/2019 1:18 pm  #3

Re: BE...WARE !!! Of the TERRORS!!!

Yep, thoroughly deserved our win after a slow first 15 minutes when we fell one goal behind. The Terrors deserved at least a 2 goal victory, after dominating a majority of the game. The referee had a really good game, which makes a change from some of the dross we have seen this season. However, at this level of football what would we expect. It was incredible a clear penalty shout was not given, but the referee did not have a clear view. The linesman on the stand side of the ground was less than 20m metres from incident and probably had the clearest view on the pitch, how he did not see this is beyond belief, including some of the other decisions he did or did not flag, implicating both teams.

The only negatives from this game was the clear chances missed in the penalty area. A striker / goal poacher is urgently required to benefit from the chances created. This has been obvious from home games this season where we struggled to convert opportunities created.  Another area is the constant waste of many corners and free kicks pumped into area, where the ball is lost or easily cleared.  
Tooting played really well, but as stated we seem to go to pieces in the last 10 minutes leaving fans, players and management on the edge. Bassett played well, so did DMG, how much ground did he cover? Brisset scored a great goal and improves every time he plays. His speed and skill caused panic in the Ware defence, a name to watch!

Westfield away next up, the same performance is required, against rival promotion contenders, if not to waste the gains from the Ware game.  This is really poor league, both in terms of teams, grounds and attendances. Looking at all level 4 leagues in the country, this is probably the worst! Getting out of this league this season is imperative. The Isthmian premier league is not much better. The team has some talent (if they hold on to at least some of the youngsters), and needs to  play at a higher level, providing there is support for this to  happen.


15/12/2019 1:27 pm  #4

Re: BE...WARE !!! Of the TERRORS!!!

It was a tough ask putting on a "free" game so close to Christmas as many of the possible new supporters are likely to have other commitments. That said, congratulations to everything who helped out as it wasn't just about the football being played on the pitch.
Anyone who did visit first the first time I think would have been surprised by the standard of football.
A deserved win against an in-form Ware team and another tough game coming up on Tuesday against Westfield. It's just a shame that the South West Trains strike is still going on, preventing some fans attempting make the trip as there is no guarantee what trains will be running.

"Westfield Beware Of The Terrors, They're Going To Pull You Apart" or something like that Dandy Livingstone might sing.

"Cornelius and Ashley's Black and White Army"
"Cornelius and Ashley's Black and White Army"
"Cornelius and Ashley's Black and White Army" ...


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