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08/2/2020 6:22 pm  #1

The final nail in the coffin?

No, not of the clubs promotion hopes, although being the only one of the top 8 sides to lose does damage that lofty ambition
I refer to the teams ‘inspirational’ leader who, yet again, disgraced himself and let the team/club down.

Lets hope the next time he is seen at Campus is in an all black strip having passed his Refereeing exams with flying colours at which time he really will be entitled to referee the game for a full 90 minutes, as he thinks he can now.   (“Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref”)

I chatted to a number of supporters whose opinions I respect today.
All are confused why the game plan has changed so dramatically.
Gone is the patient passing from side to side across the back line from the start while probing for an opening forward through the middle or down the flanks.
That has been the method for some considerable time even when the playing surface has, quite understandably for Dec/Jan, not been very conducive to a passing game.
It has been replaced by a ‘lump it forward in the air’ style of very limited ambition, even on the pristine 4G pitch at Bedfont last Tuesday!  And resulted in far less success.

In the first half today only one side was remotely interested in playing a passing game. Even when T&M went in ahead at half time little suggested that lead would be held to the end. And so it proved.
Is this change in style perhaps due to the loss of Daryl Coleman’s steadying influence in the heart of midfield?
Hopefully things will change and the teams fortunes improve on his return to full fitness.

Let’s also hope the new signings settle in quickly and have a positive influence.
Decisive moves to ramp things up by the coaching duo.


08/2/2020 7:44 pm  #2

Re: The final nail in the coffin?

bondy as i posted a little while ago we are too inconsitant and no way whil we be any where near winning this league
ln fact i will say we have no chance of winning the play offs even if we get there
the mangement dou dont have a clue as i said earlier in the season.2 new players bought in today,too late i say
needed much sooner..its a joke that a team like ours with our facilities are where we are,makes me feel sick!!!!


08/2/2020 10:39 pm  #3

Re: The final nail in the coffin?

"Bondy" your sentiment`s regarding playing the long ball game have been evident for at least the past three to four months, for reasons which escape me! it has to be due to the management`s change in tactics and their feeling we will have more success, rather than the passing game we used to enjoy earlier in the season.
Daryl Colman missing is not the reason, yes he is an important cog in the centre of the pitch but our game changed long before his injuries.
Win the league, personally I don`t feel we have the remotest chance, a play-off spot? possibly , and that is only going to be due to the other teams being as inconsistent as ourselves.
But if we did get a playoff spot, I do not see us progressing past the first game.
I feel the scenes at the end concerning our dug-out were most distastefull and should result in a at least a reprimand from the league, what an example to set to all the young supporters who have just found our illustrious club, what message does it send to them!
At the end of the day we got exactly what we deserved, nothing! only one team wanted to win the game especially in the second half with most of the time attacking with four players up front, and what did we have when we attacked, two! says it all.
Good luck Kevin, in the bar beforehand you said you came for three points, and you left with what your team deserved.


08/2/2020 11:10 pm  #4

Re: The final nail in the coffin?

I agree with what as been said the only Thing i would like to add why did the ref not allow play carry on when we had a foul leaving Danny clear with a chance of a one to one with the goalie when prior to that he was shame because then would have had a two goal cushion


09/2/2020 9:38 am  #5

Re: The final nail in the coffin?

Coudn’t get to yesterdays game but was looking at live scores. When we went one nil up we climbed to third in the table as all the other top teams were currently goal less !!! When the final whistles echoed around the grounds we had slumped down the division. Slumped being the operative word !!!! Time for change and method of game play I think!


09/2/2020 1:49 pm  #6

Re: The final nail in the coffin?

Yesterdays game was never going to be easy.  Chertsey were there to get revenge for the mauling they got at their place earlier on in the season. And revenge was exactly what they got.  The 1-2 scoreline flattered us. We were 2nd rate in all departments, on and off the pitch.  The one good moment in the game was a superbly well taken goal from Danny Bassett, apart from that it was a game to try and forget.

The sight of Sol Patterson Bonner getting yet another red card for gobbing off at the ref is getting tedious now.  He is supposed to be a senior player, use a bit of intelligence and lead by example, but that seems beyond him, he is a liability. 

But, is it any wonder he thinks he can say what he likes to referees, when he hears and sees our coaching staff doing worse.  The antics and language from the dugout brought back bad  memories from the Richard Cadette years , red cards for all of them wouldn't have been an over reaction. The thuggish behaviour from the bloke with MW on his coat was particularly nasty in trying to intimidate the linesman.  If this is going to continue I'd rather see the back of them and get in a proper manager, who knows what he's doing and knows how to behave.  It was only a few months ago that some of you were ready to give knighthoods to these clowns, after yesterdays events I hope you've all reconsidered.


09/2/2020 2:06 pm  #7

Re: The final nail in the coffin?

andy you are right on the money with your comments.we should have got shot of sol a long time ago,yes 
total liability,and as for the management duo i said when they were appointed that it was management on the
cheap as they were already employed by the club,but then again that suits our owner just fine.


09/2/2020 3:34 pm  #8

Re: The final nail in the coffin?

A good summery Bondy. Teams have worked out how to play against TMUFC by stopping the Wingbacks getting forward and without the creativity in central midfield at the moment don't have an out pass.
Confidence is also low in some players.
We are missing the passing of Darryl Coleman and also the guile of Didi Castanho.
With more tough games coming lets hope for a change a fortune starting with Ware.



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