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26/2/2020 10:19 am  #1

Meet the Managers

FANS FORUM https://www.tmunited.org/events
Come and meet with Ashley and Cornelius to discuss the clubs progress THURSDAY 27th FEB 6:45 (doors open) in the clubs Boardroom. The managers also invite fans to come and watch the first part of the evenings training session.

If you cannot attend please feel free to submit your questions directly to me at the above website and I will try to make sure they are answered on the night.

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

26/2/2020 10:21 am  #2

Re: Meet the Managers

Please don't reply to me, that was a typo. Warren Andrews has put this together so contact him via the website.

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !
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26/2/2020 12:05 pm  #3

Re: Meet the Managers

Sometimes I worry about you buddy! must be an age thing 

see you Saturday.


26/2/2020 2:33 pm  #4

Re: Meet the Managers

I would have liked to have attended but giving people 1 day notice is not great! Any chance of more notice next time?


26/2/2020 4:26 pm  #5

Re: Meet the Managers

Only passing on the message - didn't know myself until last evening. Sorry.

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !
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26/2/2020 8:54 pm  #6

Re: Meet the Managers

Assuming I remember "Garry" I will bring a swig ( but just a small one mind) in my hip flask.


27/2/2020 1:20 pm  #7

Re: Meet the Managers

DeePee wrote:

Only passing on the message - didn't know myself until last evening. Sorry.

Not a dig at you DeePee it's out of your control it's just annoying with the short notice


27/2/2020 4:05 pm  #8

Re: Meet the Managers

I hope someone asks when we might see Duncan Culley and how long Ahkeem Belford is going to be out for.


29/2/2020 11:17 am  #9

Re: Meet the Managers

Duncan resumed training this week, and I’m led to believe that unfortunately Ahkeem dislocated a shoulder in the away game at Ware a couple of weeks back and is likely to miss the remainder of the season.


01/3/2020 9:22 am  #10

Re: Meet the Managers

Do we know any more about the future of Hady Ghandour?


04/3/2020 9:48 am  #11

Re: Meet the Managers

Great point to make Gary!What's the point of home grown talent if we get nothing?Ok it improves the reputation of the club,so we get more youngsters then give them away.
The club seams to be going nowhere.Sorry to say that.


04/3/2020 6:38 pm  #12

Re: Meet the Managers

casey totally agree about your point on home grown talent,but unfortunatly this is typical of our club in as much as we are run in such an amateur way.
hady showed from very early on that he was a talent and therefore should have been on a contract,but the fact is our beloved owner has not got a scooby,and he is supposed to be a shrewd business man,
dont make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!


04/3/2020 8:14 pm  #13

Re: Meet the Managers

sorry garry but you have completly lost me with your post are you saying that adkins is the best thing since sliced bread concerning our club because as far as i am concerned i think you are totally wrong,i dont think he really gives a toss about the football club,and the sooner he can turn it into mitcham rugby club the better.


04/3/2020 8:34 pm  #14

Re: Meet the Managers

the real point i was trying to make gary was that in my opinion asfar as tootin and mitcham fc is concerned
steve atkins is not and never has been interested in our football club progressing the only thing that guy is interested in is his pocket end of.


04/3/2020 9:22 pm  #15

Re: Meet the Managers

What has happened to the clubs new ethos that was all the rage, concerning the encouragement of players from within to then help them gain a start in the professional game. This was meant to be to the mutual benefit of both the player and the club, from what you have stated "Gary" the club do not benefit at all .
The only beneficiaries from the scheme appear to be the FW Group.
So for the foreseeable future it will be extremely hard for the club to progress higher up the leagues, as when a player becomes a saleable commodity he will move on to the benefit of FW Group and the "Terrors" can never have a settled squad.
As a supporter I feel duped by the club and the so called ethos, and once again feel very let down by the rhetoric that comes down from above.
A very interesting post "Gary" but worrying!


05/3/2020 9:04 am  #16

Re: Meet the Managers

I hung on and hung on until our season in the Premier Division when I finally admitted that no one upstairs at the club really cares about the first team and its magnificent band of supporters.  I do not believe that there has been, or is, any plan for the team to progress up through the divisions.


05/3/2020 9:48 am  #17

Re: Meet the Managers

Gary, I have to ask this but are you saying that the £158-000 will be, and always is, an outstanding debt to Mr. Adkins and one which can be called in at any time, should he so wish? were that to ever happen our club would be in a dire financial position and possibly one from which it could not survive!
This news is such a shame, when you consider how many people have come on board to promote the club in many ways over the past couple of years, and their hard work is showing fruit on the terraces, if I feel let down, how must they feel?


05/3/2020 10:14 am  #18

Re: Meet the Managers

Gary I do accept the need to repay loans, but some that are given by directors are not required to be re-paid. With regards to Mr. Adkins continued financial support of our club, I assumed this was out of generosity with the fact it was the only way for the club to survive and possibly to obtain further funding for the improvement of the overall site.
My point is, our club that loses money on a yearly basis, and I am only including the football club in that statement, could never be in a financial position to repay it, should the time arise and we all know what that would mean.
You mention "Sutton United" but financially there is no comparison between them and us, they are a club run on a sound financial footing whereas ourselves are a basket case.


05/3/2020 12:13 pm  #19

Re: Meet the Managers

Gary, never stop feeling you do not have a right to post a view on, what is after all what a fans forum is for.
The main thing is to be sure of the facts before posting, this applies to us all.
I am afraid "Gary" in the main I have to agree with you but as I have said previously, we are where we are regarding ownership and yes in the past I have been quite supportive of Mr. Adkins but I must say that with the passing of time and various postings on here I am becoming less so.
But, hopefully like yourself I will keep turning up to games in the hope changes might come, both on the pitch and off it.


05/3/2020 12:42 pm  #20

Re: Meet the Managers

At the end of the day he was only voicing an opinion, which at the end of the day is a natural right, even if people do not agree with it.
I can understand if a personal attack was made at various people, but in my opinion I did not see one, merely a statement of facts, right or wrong.
Surely a "Fans Forum" is meant to be a means of communication between fans as that is the major way of gaining information, if the information is incorrect then surely it should be contested on the clubs site.
After all we do live in a democracy!


05/3/2020 12:44 pm  #21

Re: Meet the Managers

A completely unacceptable bit of administrating by the administrator.  I've been reading Gary's comments over the last day or 2 and as far as I can see there is nothing that should provoke a ban from a non-league fan message board.


05/3/2020 1:03 pm  #22

Re: Meet the Managers

lol - a bit of self isolating then...

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05/3/2020 1:20 pm  #23

Re: Meet the Managers

It’s taken nearly 15 years plus to realise what has happened to this once fantastic local football club. Other local teams survive and flourish without any of the amenities which other clubs do not have access too. The club gave away everything when selling out, and run by idiots who did not know what was going on, and some taking the money and off they went into the sunset! Some of those idiots are still involved with the Football today. Many a posting has been made about the fiasco in the past, too late now to repeat.

There is a myriad of companies involved with the TMUS&L and very difficult to track down and to know what is going on. Any debt and gains will involve inter-company transactions, this has been the case since the change of ownership from the Members to the main shareholders. Unfortunately, the Members club sold its soul, and has now has a minuscule holding, and does not have any say on how the Football Team is run, and lacks any influence or funds to have any impact.  And is also led by one of the idiots.

This is not a Football Club anymore, just a name. The only resemblance is those individuals who provide the invaluable services to keeping what’s left of the Football Team alive. An increase in support despite the poor performance of the Football Team has been astonishing considering the level of Football being played. Just imagine the response would be if there was a successful team, and to the community! A term has been used often to describe the Football team as “Built to Fail.” Enough said.  

Gary, Football and Rugby are a different culture and ethos. The social side of Rugby does not compare, and are operated totally differently to each other.  You are now threatening to not post anymore, why? This is an open forum with differing opinions, don’t throw in the towel at every opportunity, including giving up the forum. Why do you think everyone dislikes you? You provide a great service to the real supporters. You have had an up and down history with the Team/Supporters, stay strong and don't give in this time.

Like many of the “Die Hards” I will continue to follow the Terrors, as I have done religiously as a 9-year-old.  I now only go out of habit and meet up with friends.! My thoughts go to  all those local people who gave up  their time and money to purchase a develop the Sandy Lane ground., if only they knew how their efforts ended up! As I have quoted before, "Perhaps it's time to  let the Football Team pass away peacefully!

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05/3/2020 1:31 pm  #24

Re: Meet the Managers

I still love you Gary, strictly in a blokey way though. Nothing kinky 😨

The Administrator wrote:

Alan Gary has been banned from his forum and all his postings deleted. He has too much to say and is a loud mouth Wally and lets his frustration get the better of him when it comes to Tooting and Mitcham United FC. Even the nicest blokes on earth like Bondy hate him. 
If anyone else wants to start a new forum I would be very grateful as this one is no longer transferable.



05/3/2020 1:33 pm  #25

Re: Meet the Managers

Hi! Gary, does that mean that I will have to drink the brandy myself at the next home game.


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