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25/4/2020 1:32 pm  #1

Members Club AGM

It had been planned to hold the AGM this April but with there being no end in sight to the social distancing rules it now needs to be postponed indefinitely. So we have come up with a plan to have a virtual meeting of sorts. Zoom is likely to be too much of a challenge for getting the whole membership involved so we are going to settle on email. 
We want to try to make the most of this opportunity and not just do the bog standard version of approving the accounts and accepting the Chairman's report etc. We have a very active board of directors and they will all share something of what they have been doing. Also Steve Adkins is going to report on the new development ad we will hear something from the Community Club. Although the AGM is for the period up to 30 June 2019 we will actually be reporting up to the present time.
We plan to get all the reports to you in one go and we will try to find the best way for you to vote on appointment/reappointment of directors. We are aiming to have this to members in the next two weeks but there is something for you to do now. Please can you make sure that we have your latest email address and if you wish to stand or nominate another member as a director please will you send that to us during the next week. 
You can make contact on this or any other items using info@tmumembers.co.uk.
We will be in touch shortly.
Kind regards

Chris Woolley - Chairman



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