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07/8/2021 7:59 pm  #1

Today's missing players

For those like me that raised a eyebrow when they read the starting line up for the first team. There was a few players that were simply unavailable today.
Keeper Gary Ross was suspended.  Deano and Wedgy was on holiday,  which is fair enough. Nobody expected us to be playing FA cup football in  early August. Not sure why Nathan Daly was missing but he was at the game .
Mike Dixon has signed but is clearly unfit only having trained for two weeks. 
Congratulations to the young players who filled in today. Campbell did well in goal and you could argue that the left wing back was Man of the Match in the second half. I would like to see Jake Rose play further up the pitch in the number 10 position.  I think he is wasted deeper.  He for me is a real baller.
Does anyone know if Brissett is still with us ?
I think when our missing players return we have a really good chance to win this league next season.
Congratulations to the management team for keeping last year's players and for adding players like Sesay. 👍


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