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07/8/2021 7:48 pm  #1

New Match day experience

I think it is a good idea to move the turnstiles so people can walk past and maybe use the bar . Walking into the ground seeing the new club shop was great with Steve on the microphone.  If he can stop announcing my entrance into the ground , that would be nice  .
Then at half time the clubs shop transforms into a bar, so you can have a cold beer and a wee. Who ever thought of that needs applauding.
Over all the match day experience was great today.
Thank you to all our volunteers.


08/8/2021 7:14 am  #2

Re: New Match day experience

Shame the programme had the history for the wrong Edith and no information about replays.


08/8/2021 9:20 am  #3

Re: New Match day experience

My first post for long time,but with no football nothing to say. Enjoyed yestadays match. I thought Tooting were poor in first half. I guess the management team got into them at half time. We played at a better tempo, and the young wingbacks got into the game. I didn’t know a few of the team so was a bit worried. I read your match report Gary,but can’t see it now. But I agree with you. Rose should be further forward,but I think because Coleman started in back 3 is why.. I think the central defender krokhin played very well when he came on at half time. I think when everyone is fit and available we have a decent side. Let’s see.


08/8/2021 11:34 am  #4

Re: New Match day experience

I have to agree about the young CB that came on for Coleman.  If I had watched him play before I would of started him. He would be good cover for Deano who we could rest for midweek games.

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08/8/2021 8:30 pm  #5

Re: New Match day experience

Agree with Dave M, shame about the programme having information about Erith Town. E & B were once a famous club, just like the Terrors were in the long distant past. In fact they played in two Amateur Cup Finals, Tooting's best performance was reaching the quarter finals. The club was founded a 100 years ago and there has been some great cup games between our 2 clubs.  At least the photos and badge  were of  E & B.. Can't wait to see when play away, and the programme refers to  Tooting Bec

Also I couldn't find any reference about a replay in the programme. To save any confusion about  the 2 Erith clubs, E&B play at the home of Welling United, at Park View Welling. Football web pages has the game scheduled for Tuesday evening? 

First half Saturday was absolutely dreadful, the defence was all over the place. Not one shot on target. unless I missed it when I was asleep.  The introduction of the young central defender at half time made a huge difference, and someone who deserves more game time.  The second half the pace of Tooting's game increased significantly, and if the any of the strikers were able to  find their shooting boots, the game should have been out of sight.

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09/8/2021 6:21 pm  #6

Re: New Match day experience

To be fair to the programme editor he does a million and a half jobs at Tooting & Mitcham.
Can I suggest that rather than posting on here about it being incorrect you might offer your help with that section of the programme. It would lighten his load.


09/8/2021 9:27 pm  #7

Re: New Match day experience

What I have experienced at this club over many years I would not lift a finger to help!!!!!! Why don't you help with the programme?  Maybe just a team sheet on match days, and I know the league will not permit this., Take a look at the old 4 page programme, simple to  the point and and  all the information you need to  know, and not  full of useless information.



10/8/2021 9:53 am  #8

Re: New Match day experience

I suggest that if you are able to post on here you are able to help.
What chance has the club if so called fans just cite historic experiences.
The club, fan base, athmosphere, match day experience etc has changed massively for the good in the last few years and with a little positivity and a larger army of volunteers things will continue to improve.
You might even find that this forum gains views and contributors if it became more possitive.


10/8/2021 10:54 am  #9

Re: New Match day experience

In the last two years this forum has become positive?
The people you are talking too have supported the club , paid their money longer than me and this is my 46th season .
This forum is the perfect platform to discuss all things Tooting and Mitcham. Good or bad. Please stop being so defensive.  If poor mistakes are happening then they should be pointed out not just blowing smoke up people's bottoms.
There is a lot going on which is good which I have praised on here this week. Nobody ever comes on and says cheers for the feed back , much appreciated etc.. they only jump on people with genuine concerns which is why people felt excluded in the past. I personally do not want to be involved with a dictatorship style of a club and have always enjoyed free speech . I don't like the way the football side of the business is at the moment.  With FW Consultants Etc , but I have not said a word about it recently so it can remain positive on here and its something I can't change.  Watching 2 players play for two pro clubs first team burns me when you know they have not paid any compensation to the club that had developed them. I am happy for them and their agents and families though.  I guess that is Steve's problem and I can only guess what his reasons are. Playing in this league is painful to watch. If you go and watch the league above you can see that this league is just a extention of the league below in the Combined Counties. If you was new to football you couldn't tell the 2 teams apart on the pitch on Saturday. But old supporters are still turning up in their hundreds so calling them "so called supporters " is a bit harsh.
I personally have helped and run this forum since it started in 2013. I really don't care how popular it is or if nobody uses it. I run it for free so that Tooting fans can have their say . There was a incident on Saturday which was for me really unprofessional involving a elderly supporter being shouted at by a member of the coaching team but again I have not mentioned that so everything remains positive on here. The elderly supporter has been going every week since the 1960's.
Because of modern platforms Twitter,  Facebook etc the forums are not used as much as they used to be. My main job on here is fighting Scammers and people trying to put spam ware on here . I reject about 30 people a week. My life would be easier if I deleted the forum but fans have asked me to keep it going so I have for them.

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13/8/2021 4:53 pm  #10

Re: New Match day experience

I do not give a stuff about our academy and youth program IF the payoff is the first team is not funded and we are stuck in this crap division, yo-yoing in and out of the Premier division once or twice in a decade.

I paid my gate money via a season ticket to support the FIRST TEAM and I expect the first team to be put first.

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13/8/2021 8:30 pm  #11

Re: New Match day experience

Twitter?  No thanks! You've just as much chance as seeing me drinking in one of Tim Martin's pubs.


13/8/2021 9:10 pm  #12

Re: New Match day experience

The Ramble In guys look a good bunch . They also play live music. Maybe we should have a pint of the black stuff in there.

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14/8/2021 6:15 am  #13

Re: New Match day experience

The only time this forum comes alive is when things start going badly on the pitch, much the same as with other clubs forums. Looks like its going to be lively on here then this season.
I'm with Evthedog about the youth programme. I pay to watch the first team and hardly any of the young  players that have been moved on to pro clubs have had any positive impact on the first team. I'm sick of hearing from the club what a success it is. Success for me is winning and getting out of this division and into the Premier where we belong.
As for the "talented managers" comment, no evidence of that so far, they've been with us a while and we've achieved nothing.



14/8/2021 8:22 am  #14

Re: New Match day experience

It is not really about our results so far Andy, as the season is has a long way to go.  For me it is about the first team not being the priority for the people who run the club.  I've seen some great football here since the 70s, and some real Rubbish too.  But hand on heart, I've never felt as bad as when we capitulated to the Plod on the last game of the season and were relegated back into this divisions of no-hopers of which we are one.  It was obvious to me then (what had been obvious to others for a lot longer) that those in charge don't give a toss about the first team and those who pay to watch them.

What is the plan?  Where does Steve Adkins want the club to be in five years time?  In this division or lower: bleeding its best players to better clubs?  Or in Conference South competing with good clubs?  We have not heard anything about the clubs ambition for the first team and perhaps we never will.


14/8/2021 7:29 pm  #15

Re: New Match day experience

Another example of how little respect is given to the club is the 'proud' statement on the official website "stripes since 1932". Really!!!

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14/8/2021 8:44 pm  #16

Re: New Match day experience


Totally agree with all the comments on here about the first team.  Don’t forget this is not a club anymore, it’s an organisation and the team’s name is registered with the FA. The last two games against E&B and Westfield were played at real clubs.

He comes another negative response. Today’s game was really pathetic from a Terrors point of view. For the first 30 minutes they controlled the game, without Westfield rarely breaking into their opponent’s half.  No withstanding this The Terrors huffed and puffed their way to the penalty area, without any real threat to Westfield, and this was to remain the same for the whole game. Wasted crosses, slow defence, absence of any mid-field control, and a lack of desire to put the ball into the net.  

Westfield opened the scoring when a swift move decimating the defence, and finished with a well taken goal. Seconds from half time our right attacking winger (?????) was on the halfway line and switched a great ball to the other wing, where the grateful unmarked Westfield player collected the ball, and was responsible for creating their second goal.

 The second half was truly of pathetic proportions by the Terrors, misplaced passes, losing the ball in attacking positions etc. like Erith, Westfield realised they had nothing to beat, using their pace down the flanks and through the centre, they tore Tooting apart, leaving the defence stranded on many occasions. The final score could have easily been 4,5 or even 6.  

On this showing we are heading for the Combined Counties League, unfortunately where we belong!

What has happened to this once great Football Club????????????????????

Footnote:- . Mike Dixon clashed heads with a Westfield defender 10 minutes from the end of the game, and was treated on the side-lines. Clearly in a distressed state he started to  make his own way to the changing rooms! As he made his way down the touchline walking very slowly and clinging on to the pitch railings, he finally collapsed a few metres from the players tunnel. Clearly he was in a terrible state, he tried to get up and collapsed again. At minimum he had a serious concussion, and I hope he was taken to hospital for a check-up? Head injuries are very serious, and I hope Mike’s injury is not serious and wish him a speedy recovery.

C'mon you stripes since 1932 or should this read 1956. By next year the club foundation date will be 2004!!!!!!!!!

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14/8/2021 10:39 pm  #17

Re: New Match day experience

mike as usual your spot on unfortunetly nobody that matters will be listening most of the older supporters who remember when tooting and mitcham was a real football club have long since give up the ghost and those that really cant see were we are at well you cant be helped this once proud club in its present form is well and truly finished. thank you so much mr adkins i hope your proud of yourself.


23/8/2021 9:44 pm  #18

Re: New Match day experience

The vibe at the ground is pretty good nowadays.

Pertinent to point out that we’ve had two seasons of killed plans due to covid. Budgets annihilated. We won the London Senior Cup about 3 months ago. The league season is one game old.

Reflections on the club’s past glory are roundly an introspective waste of energy. Just come and get behind the team. 


24/8/2021 5:04 am  #19

Re: New Match day experience

No.  We've had over ten years of killed football due to the way that the club is run.  Covid has nothing to do with it.  The budget has been annihalted since the day that Billy and George had the budget taken away when we really did have a good team.

The supporters have also been great, but so many, like me, have had enough of the way that the club is run and will no longer attend.


24/8/2021 7:33 am  #20

Re: New Match day experience

If you’d been coming in the two covid-affected years, you may have learned that it was very likely Tooting would have had a good go at promotion, probably through playoffs in 19/20 and we could have mounted a challenge in 20/21.

I respect anyone’s opinion not to attend, but I don’t understand why those people would want to come on a forum and bang on about how the club is being run or dig out the management and the success of the academy. Success is relative. Forget not that our most recent run in the Isthmian Prem was not presided over by these managers, who’ve only had one full season with the first team in a hugely turbulent couple of years for all clubs at this level.

Tooting frequently play the most interesting football in the division. I guess it comes down to whether one would rather watch a team of cloggers and hard men lump the ball into the division above like the good old days, or recognise that the club fields wonderful teams full of talented players who help the club hugely on the first steps of their football career and that, given support, this philosophy will probably see the team promoted sooner rather than later.

It’s very easy to bemoan the club’s supposed decline whilst doing absolutely nothing to help it bloom.

Peace xx


24/8/2021 11:36 am  #21

Re: New Match day experience

Never-Never Land.


24/8/2021 1:18 pm  #22

Re: New Match day experience

never never land is right ev i been coming since i was 5 always had hope but since adkins has been the owner thats been extinguished.
besty respect your opinion but never going anywhere all the time this guy owns it all.


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