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16/8/2021 10:43 am  #1

Gary - Forum Administrator

Gary has posted a long message that he will no longer administer his forum website, and will be walking away from the club he loves.

Firstly, Gary, thank you for all the work and time you have given to keeping this forum ongoing. Also, it’s very sad to see another long-term supporter, disappearing into “Thin air” like so many others. I fully understand you comments and motives. I know you have suffered stress related medical issues, and I hope by taking a break from the chaos which is Tooting & Mitcham Football team will help you, and maybe in time you will return to with the rest of us “Poor fools” who continue to support this fractured team and organisation.

Gary has stated he will just let the forum continue without administration, which eventually will cause some real issues. The forum needs monitoring and updating, and he states he did have an offer sometime back to takeover this forum, but this failed to materialise. As true fans we need someone to take on this task, I will try and find out from Gary how we can achieve this!

We lost Paul Piggott’s website which was the only source of information on the team, and now the forum looks going the same way.
Thanks Again Gary.


16/8/2021 10:57 am  #2

Re: Gary - Forum Administrator

I must admit, the seemingly celebratory post about the 2 debutants when we had just suffered a humiliating defeat was very misplaced.  I know most teams will try to put a positive spin on things but this was more like "Chemical Ali".

You sometimes see players on twitter with the likes of "...disappointed in the 5-1 defeat, but on the plus side I'm delighted with my goal...".  Fans don't want to see that.

So when we see the first team suffering we don't want to see the club glorifying a couple of youth team players, particularly considering how the club is prioritising youth development over 1st team results. 


16/8/2021 10:58 am  #3

Re: Gary - Forum Administrator


Very few supporters actually bother with the forum anymore:  they've doffed their caps and tugged their forlocks to the people running the "club" and accepted the coolaid.  It is all Whatsapp groups now:clandestine and out of the public eye.  If you're not of the club's thinking, not in the clique, you are not wanted.  Seeing how the use of the forum has diminished, with even matches and players not being commented on, it would not surprise me if it is an actual order not to post on here on any topic, let alone defending the way that the "club" is now being run.

I will go to a few of the away games, but I will no longer go to home games for as long as the club is being run the way that it is now.

Thank you Paul and Gary for all of the hard work that you have put in over the years.

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16/8/2021 12:22 pm  #4

Re: Gary - Forum Administrator

very sad to see another long time supporter and good bloke walking away,but understand totally why gary is giving up

i echo the words of mikem and eve the dog i think it is a total shame that the club is being run the way it is which is
virtually as a nursery club for mainly the benefit of the agents that are connected to the club.

i could not belive the picture i saw after the first cup game against erith showing two of the young lads that played in that game they both looked about 10 years old not much use against big strong men !!! now none of this is their 
fault but playing kids against men has never been a good idea.

This of course doesant matter one jot to the owner he has his own agenda and we all know that doesnt include the 
first team doing well. so anyway he is gradually pansy off most of the long time fans and i dont think it will be too long before some of the newcomers will start feeling the same way.

anyway gary just want to say thanks for all the hard work you have put in.


16/8/2021 2:44 pm  #5

Re: Gary - Forum Administrator

Hi! Gary, sorry to read the message you have posted because without people giving up their free time as you and the many people associated with the running of the club do, Saturday`s would be a pretty boring time.
I can understand the feeling behind the message combined with your frustration regarding your health and for that I fully sympathise.
I know we all have moments of dissatisfaction and unhappiness no matter what club we support but that is what we as supporters expect.
But take it from me Gary, when all you can do is sit at home trying to find an alternative their is not one.
Good luck Buddy for the future and hopefully things will improve healthwise.
PS It could be worse, think of those clubs that have no future, or a ground to call home?


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