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09/9/2021 4:29 pm  #1

First Team Budget is Cut?

Is this true?  I hear that Jelly has already gone and others are to follow as there will not be enough money to pay them.

I suppose, for us old timers, this would be nothing new.  Seen it all before under the current ownership.


10/9/2021 6:53 am  #2

Re: First Team Budget is Cut?

hevent heard anything about this but if true it would be par for the course


10/9/2021 9:12 am  #3

Re: First Team Budget is Cut?

Don't worry Daniel as I am sure that the club will either confirm or reject this news promptly, as they do with all first team news.

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10/9/2021 2:46 pm  #4

Re: First Team Budget is Cut?

Is that's what happened to:

Peter Wedgewood
Nathan Daly
Jake Rose
Billy Brown

All seem to have gone AWOL. I'm sure the club have communicated all this to us - probably hidden amongst the news of how great the U23 team is, which is all we ever see on social media etc these days.


10/9/2021 2:52 pm  #5

Re: First Team Budget is Cut?

What I have heard is that there is now only enough money to play one or two players who are not under 23s.

I'm sure an announcement from the club will be coming soon.  Probably around Christmas.

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10/9/2021 2:54 pm  #6

Re: First Team Budget is Cut?

If it is true, I wonder if the early exit from the Cup has had anything to do with it.  I think you could realistically expect us to get through the 2 preliminary rounds and the 1st qualifying round normally.  So from that point of view we've missed out on about 5 grand prize money.

Spread over a 40 week season that's over £100 per week.  Presumably that would be 1 or 2 senior players....


10/9/2021 3:04 pm  #7

Re: First Team Budget is Cut?

I'm pretty sure Billy Brown has been training recently after recovering from injury.


10/9/2021 3:09 pm  #8

Re: First Team Budget is Cut?

That had occurred to me also, but the majority of the U23's in the 1st team are not good enough yet and need senior players around them. Also not convinced the managers are up to it at 1st level, they are doing a great job around the rest of the club but should we have someone with more experience at this level?
Guess I'm preaching to the preached here thought!!!


10/9/2021 3:29 pm  #9

Re: First Team Budget is Cut?

The trouble with bringing in a more experienced manager is there probably wouldant be much of a budget to work with and what decent manager would come for that sort of scenario.
No pure and simple if all this is true this is what we have come to expect from adkins that is his style as an owner he is a joke.


10/9/2021 3:42 pm  #10

Re: First Team Budget is Cut?

Didn’t know there was a budget, especially in view of the pathetic state of the first team. The goose that laid the “Golden Egg” for our esteemed owner back in 2004 has sent our once famous and well-regarded team to the bottom of the pile, with no hope of retuning to any decent level soon , until Atkins moves on, and a football person can take the whole of imperial fields set up, and  put the first team on top  of the  internal existing structure, there will there be any change!.  Oh to  be like a normal Football Club!

The F A Cup was a total disgrace and embarrassment getting dismissed in the extra preliminary round. Who knows were the income goes from the FA Cup and Trophy?  There is yet another new sponsor, will any of the cash go towards the first team. Just look at the clubs up and down the country they all have survived covid, and I read we’re making it an excuse for the team’s poor start.

Ev, you stated you would not attend anymore home games and I cannot blame you. I only go still because it’s been a habit of a life time over many decades. You’re well away from this shambolic organisation.
I tempted to write even more about what has been quoted in programmes, Facebook, twitter, and the Beano! But it would be a waste.  They have to win the league to gain promotion, if by some miracle it happened, they do not have the structure to support the team at the next level. I can’t imagine if they were placed in the Southern League.

All the talk is on the youth, academy under 23’s etc, neverany input on how the first team is going to proceed.  If the budget cuts are true, lets see how this lot perform? There has been various Chairs of Football (A worthless position in this set up), including a bar lady bless her soul. Not one of them has stated what the plans are for the first team. All they quote is the youth set etc. Not they would be able to do anything.

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10/9/2021 4:10 pm  #11

Re: First Team Budget is Cut?

Mikem wrote:

Ev, you stated you would not attend anymore home games and I cannot blame you. I only go still because it’s been a habit of a life time over many decades.

Mike, I only missed 5 home league matches from 2003 to 2020 with the utterly feeble excuse of being in the USA (yeah, I know, I could've made the effort!).  When Covid-19 set in it gave me time to think: why bother when the owner doesn't bother?

I still want the team to do well but I will not endorse the owners way of running the first team by handing over my money anymore.

Like you Mike; all that I want is a traditionally run football club setup for the first team.

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