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02/10/2021 9:59 am  #1

October will define the Terrors season

Already out of the FA Cup after a disgraceful and pathetic loss in the extra preliminary round, they face Whitehawk next week in the FA trophy “which on paper” should be a home victory.

The home league game today should be an easy other home victory, after Northwood got thrashed at home 7-0 by Uxbridge last week.

The next 3 league games after today will define the remainder of the league season when they face Bracknell, Uxbridge and Chertsey in successive weeks.  They only way to get promoted from this dreadful level of Football is to win the league outright.


04/10/2021 11:15 am  #2

Re: October will define the Terrors season

Well, a good start to October with a 7-3 victory in horrendous weather conditions of heavy rain and high winds, which had a real adverse effect on the match. The Terrors scored two goals worthy of winning the goal of the season award, while Northwood nearly had one of their own, but a great shot cannoned off the post.

Man of the match for me was the Northwood No 2, Adam Cash (brother of Villa’s Matty Cash) who was head and shoulders above anyone else on the pitch. Bizarrely he was substituted 15 mins from the end of the game without any apparent injury?. Luckily for Tooting, Northwood also had at least two players who were the cause for letting in 7 goals. The No 6 and the goalkeeper (who would not have been out of place on Mitcham Common) were really dreadful. Northwood played some enterprising and skilful football upfront, but the defence let them down badly. You cannot fault Tooting for taking advantage of the situation which has lifted them to the middle of the table.  

The Terrors move onto the FA Trophy this weekend when they play Whitehawk, 3rd from bottom of the Isthmian South East League.  This should be an expected home victory!


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10/10/2021 5:07 am  #3

Re: October will define the Terrors season

Well, the Trophy went well.


15/10/2021 6:07 pm  #4

Re: October will define the Terrors season

The poor performances and disastrous exit from the FA Cup and FA trophy have left Tooting with some re-arranged fixtures for October.

Sat 16/10 home to Bracknell
Tue 19/10 Away to South Park – whatever ground will be used for this fixture  
Sat  23/10 Away to  Uxbridge
Sun 31/10 Away to Guernsey
Tooting will need at least 9 points from these games if they are to be contenders for a play-off position by the end of the season.

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15/10/2021 11:18 pm  #5

Re: October will define the Terrors season

Mike you can only dream but then again we might get a surprise


20/10/2021 11:15 am  #6

Re: October will define the Terrors season

With only two games left in October and both away, the season is looking very grim. Tooting were supposed to be amongst the league “pace setters” this season, instead they look like being early contenders to be relegated to junior football in the combined counties league! What a state of affairs for a team dying on its feet, and also playing at dreadful level of football. There is something really wrong and awful in the structure, organisation and will to improve the situation, if there is any will at all! The owner and his partners are responsible for this sad state of affairs, but they have “bigger fish to fry”.

Away to Uxbridge Saturday, and the following week away on Sunday to Guernsey. 3 points from these two games would help to alleviate a chronic situation. But we are playing against two real football clubs, not a team (not a club) which is a very small part of a project to go to bed with the local council for various reasons, which has been the ambition of the owner since the takeover.

Let’s hope the situation on the playing field can be turned around and we can survive the season

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20/10/2021 1:24 pm  #7

Re: October will define the Terrors season

Hi mike i dont think the situation will be turned around or changed because as we keep on saying this joke of an owner does not give a toss and the two managers are under orders to include at least 4 or 5 under 23 players in the squad to keep them in the shop window its the agents who pick the team and the management do as they are told so its not going to change till this owner decides to sell up and thats not going to be any time soon.


31/10/2021 8:22 pm  #8

Re: October will define the Terrors season

 October started with a bang, with a 7-3 victory at home over Northwood and finished with our first away victory away Guernsey on the last day of the month. In between makes not so good reading, which included a humiliating thrashing in the FA Trophy by Whitehawk.

The season so far as seen 3 wins from 10 games, this is not promotion form, from a team expected  to be in the front runners for promotion in this dreadful level of football. November kicks-off with an away league game at lowly Middlesex club Ashford Town. Before this however is an exhilarating Surrey cup game against the plod this Tuesday. I wait with baited breath for this minor cup tie.

God knows what the sports and leisure club will do if we somehow the team provides a miracle and gets  promotion!!!!

But the long winter lays ahead, and I am sure there will be many ups and downs to come.

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