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18/11/2021 8:42 pm  #1

what is going on at toots

Does anybody know whats going on at our football club i understand that another two of the squad have joined other clubs,Andrew sesay has joined Hythe town and Jamarie Brisset has gone too Bedfont now i know that all clubs experience players moving at some time in the season but what it looks like to me is that our owner is gradually running down the club we are only a few points away from the relegation places when a lot of people expected us to be firmly at the other end of the table.

In all honesty i dont think if we did get relegeted it would bother the owner one little bit in fact i think it would suit his agenda,indeed i have heard that the management have been told that they cannot sign any senior players.If this model that the owner seems to be pursuing continues we will find ourselves in the wilderness of the combined counties a place this once great club will never recover from shame on you steve adkins.


18/11/2021 10:05 pm  #2

Re: what is going on at toots

I am not the defender of Adkins but I think we recently signed Jordan Clarke and Shakeel Morris - both attackers/wide players. So releasing 2 players who play in similar positions isn't too strange. I think most teams operate on a fixed sized squad and if someone comes in then normally someone has to leave.

Presumably this is a managerial call.


19/11/2021 12:58 am  #3

Re: what is going on at toots

endo i think you are wrong and this is very much an owners call

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