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20/11/2021 9:12 pm  #1

​Marlow extravaganza

I just got home and I’m still buzzing with excitement after this riveting game.  The excitement was generated by two very poor sides, making numerous mistakes which you would expect to see on Figges Marsh!  Marlow are chasing promotion and this about sums up the whole of this dreadful league. Mr Collins ask…” What’s happened to Toots?”  well, they drifted to the lowest level of position and performance in the team’s history, they look void of any structure on the pitch, lack of tactics, players and management who are not capable of taking the team to promotion. God knows what would happen if they did? To add to all this, the so-called owner shows little interest in the Football Team, sorry I mean zero interest, and between him and the various useless chairman of Football, have not provided any hope for the football team in the future. Between all of them they do not have a clue, or indeed never had a clue, but make some absolutely unbelievable statements from time to time on social media or programme notes, or start spouting on about the talented academy, which serves zero purpose for the actual first team.

 There has been only one real football Manager during the current owner’s reign and the was Billy Smith. I still see the look of distress Billy’s face after the last away game of the season when promoted Boreham Wood held onto to win 3-2.  You knew this was the end for Billy and the future of team. And I have been proved 110% correct.

Attendances are now starting to slip, only 184 at today’s game which should have been a key game in the season, performances are dire, and only made bearable by the inadequacies of the performing teams.
What a shame for a once great team, struggling to keep out of relegation to the Combined Counties League (God Forbid), a stadium which should see our team playing in at least National League South. Devoted volunteers who just about hold the team together, helping the Sports and Leisure club to make sure we can have a team to  support. and keep the team in existence.  ALL FOR WHAT.  

As a long-time fan and supporter, I am really sad to write postings like this. But enough is enough.


20/11/2021 10:02 pm  #2

Re: ​Marlow extravaganza

A bit unfair Mike.  Frank and Paul got  us promotion with 105 points and 120 goals.  Sadly the club did not strengthen the team resulting in total humiliation in the Premier Division.

What Adkins wants who knows, but it is not first team success.  So the Chuckle  Brothers running the first team is the current reality that I cannot see changing.


21/11/2021 10:55 am  #3

Re: ​Marlow extravaganza

Billy’s and George’s time at Tooting were fraught with internal problems, they realised what it took to keep a team in the Isthmian premier, and the resources to make a further step forward. They knew the task at Imperial Fields was impossible, and duly left. Also, Billy’s record in non-league football from management to talent spotting was outstanding.

Frank and Paul were Ok, but they don’t have the same pedigree as Billy and George. The promotion year, again from another poor league standard apart from 2 other teams, was a prelude to a disaster which we have still not recovered today. The promotion clinching game against Dorking was an eye opener and a pointer to the immediate future.  Tooting were totally outplayed in this game, and to even the average fan, you could smell disaster looming the following season. Sure, enough it started immediately. As you rightly say “There was not any support from the owner, to support Frank and Paul.” They should have walked after a few games because there was never going to be any change to the way the Football team is run.

Dorking are now in conference South with a new stadium, and from only a handful of fans they are now supported in their hundreds.

Without a complete re-structuring of the Team and ownership the above situation will remain in place.  

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21/11/2021 11:21 am  #4

Re: ​Marlow extravaganza

I thought it was an entertaining game. First half in particular Tooting looked dangerous and produced several chances only for the usual defensive lapses to put us behind at half time. It was disappointing that we looked worse in the second half and  were reduced to a few half chances which we were not able to take.
I thought the crowd was more than the stated 184, it looked way over 200 to me, with lots of new faces. Its a shame we can't give them a winning team to cheer on at the moment, I hope they keep coming and keep what little faith there is out there.


21/11/2021 11:23 am  #5

Re: ​Marlow extravaganza

I fully agree with you Mike in regard to Billy and George's pedigree. 

Paul jumped ship early, knowing that the breached hull of the SS Tooting and Mitcham could (would)not be repaired leaving Frank to rearrange the deck chairs whilst the ship went down to the bottom of the league.

I think that most of the fans know that they are being conned but cannot break the link from the club, which I fully understand.  If it wasn't for the enforced Covid break, which gave me time to reflect that as it went on (and on and on) I could get on without going to matches anymore under the current club structure, I would still be standing there.

Just look at Dorking and Dulwich: that's where ambition gets  you.  And  the Casuals currently holding their own in the Premier.  All clubs that WANT success.

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21/11/2021 11:43 am  #6

Re: ​Marlow extravaganza

Whole heartedly agree with Mikem’s postings! Went to that Dorking game and then to some of the games in the promotion season. When I now view how some of the clubs  the terrors used to battle with over the decades and in many cases have gone on to better  themselves over the years it is totally depressing how this club has slumped to the current depths. In the past the Steptoe’s ie my Dad and Uncle weathered the ups and downs of this club and I accept I don’t quite have their solid following mentality but from all accounts the current situation cannot be right! Time will tell.


21/11/2021 12:43 pm  #7

Re: ​Marlow extravaganza

Mike and eve you are both right with your comments about Billy Smith and Frank Wilson neither manager was given any support from adkins after the promotions which only goes to prove that Steve Adkins never really wanted the club to progress to achieve that you need an owner with ambition like Mark White at Dorking and everyone can see that he has got behind that team and just look at where they are now and compare where we are.

Sorry to keep saying it but there is nothing we as fans can do he holds all the aces and he has proved he has zero ambition for the club,i feel truly sorry for the band of volunteers who he has conned and will keep on conning there is only one thing that might change everything and thats if he sells up but dont hold your breath on that one the guy is a sick joke.


21/11/2021 1:33 pm  #8

Re: ​Marlow extravaganza

Ole Solskjaer may be available now after his sacking to revive Tooting and Mitcham FC’s fortunes!!!!


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