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03/11/2021 2:30 pm  #1

November fireworks or damp Squibs

After a very indifferent October, only saved by a miraculous win at Guernsey. Tooting now face an intensive November and maybe try to turn the season around?  The leagues games scheduled for this month are:-
6th   Nov Away   -   Ashford Town
13th Nov Away  -    Basingstoke
20th Nov Home -    Marlow
23rd Nov Home -    Chertsey Town
27th Nov Away  -    Binfield

On paper Ashford Town seems an easy fixture, the other fixtures will test Tooting to the limits. The level of Football in this league is dreadful, and the team is part of it!  All the opposition is beatable, and nine points from these 5 games would be a realistic return.


11/11/2021 8:33 pm  #2

Re: November fireworks or damp Squibs

The easiest game in the November schedule turned out to be another poor performance, and handed Ashford Town their first home win of the season.  With October an already wasted cause, at least 9 points in November from the 5 scheduled games would have been a bonus, and 3 points from last Saturday would have only required another 6 points from the 4 remaining games.

The Basingstoke game this Saturday will be a tough game against a team who are fighting for promotion out of this dreadful league. Basingstoke who lost their ground to a development opportunist had to make do with sharing Winchester City’s ground some 20 miles away. The Hampshire FA came to the rescue of the club and allowed them to use their county facility which is based in Basingstoke. This homeless club have done incredibly well considering the situation they have been left in to survive!

How many clubs have lost their grounds to Estate Agents and Property Developers over the years? They have infiltrated many clubs up and down the country, either by gaining ownership or working their way through club committees with the promise of sponsorship etc, and finally leaving clubs “up the creek without a paddle.” A prime example is the amalgamation of Leytonstone, Ilford and Walthamstow Avenue (all great clubs with wonderful grounds), and Redbridge Forest (Now Dagenham and Redbridge) forced into the diabolical situation through the numerous “Del Boys” who latched onto these clubs for one reason and purpose only!

At least Basingstoke have given a reprieve as the Developer has been denied planning permission from the council to build on the old Camrose ground, unlike Merton Council! At least the Council are heavily involved with the Basingstoke Football club to provide a future facility for the club. They will remain a Football club in the true sense and good luck to them.

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17/11/2021 6:00 am  #3

Re: November fireworks or damp Squibs

And (WE HATE) Dulwich have just gone second in National South.


24/11/2021 1:05 pm  #4

Re: November fireworks or damp Squibs

With the last league game done and dusted for November, the box of potential fireworks was found to be duds! Zilch points from all league games have left the club near the relegation zone, which still has to be ratified how many clubs will be relegated? If 4 are relegated, then Tooting are in real trouble at the moment.  The Combined Counties League will provide more opportunities to support the team with more local games in various fenced off fields, plus we’ll be in the FA Vase for the also run teams.

The knock-on effect of a disastrous and unprepared team for the major cup competitions has left the team without matches on some Saturdays. Yet another game has been lost due to an FA Trophy fixture this Saturday, which means a re-scheduled mid-week evening fixture to Binfield, which is situated in a remote field near to Bracknell.

On the plus side the opening fixture for November was a victory in Surrey County Cup fixture. Also, a home game is scheduled League Cup on Tuesday which if Tooting win will top and tail the month.  Both these cup matches are completely meaningless, and only serve the purposes already highlighted in a previous forum posting.

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24/11/2021 5:39 pm  #5

Re: November fireworks or damp Squibs

Mike, what I find weird is that no fans come in here to stick up for the way that the club is being run.  I know that there is an  fan sanctioned boycott of this forum but it is still strange to that somebody does not break rank to tell us how great the Adkins masterplan is.


24/11/2021 7:09 pm  #6

Re: November fireworks or damp Squibs

Ev i think that even the people who do support Adkins realise that the masterplan is not going very well after all 4 games in november and 4 defeats definatly not going very well is it steve.


26/11/2021 6:47 am  #7

Re: November fireworks or damp Squibs

Just to be clear on this forum.   I do encourage anyone who supports the current situation at Tooting to come on here and tell us what they are enjoying.  That is what this forum is for.


28/11/2021 11:59 am  #8

Re: November fireworks or damp Squibs

Good results for Sutton Common and Ashford yesterday.  Let's hope that we get better results in December.


01/12/2021 7:00 pm  #9

Re: November fireworks or damp Squibs

Are you going to put up a December forecast Mike?  They are always a good read.


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