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06/1/2022 9:28 am  #1

The good old days

I know maybe some of us go on about how good it was "back then", but then again, we did get nights like this!




06/1/2022 11:26 am  #2

Re: The good old days

I've been looking for that for ages!  What a night that was capped by Alan Ives' magnificent winner, still my favorite goal and most treasured memory.


06/1/2022 11:57 am  #3

Re: The good old days

And the more you look at it, you can see that Juneman's goal is pretty decent as well.  A first time strike from the edge of the box.

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06/1/2022 12:15 pm  #4

Re: The good old days

Thanks for that endo still remember that night as if it was yesterday


06/1/2022 3:18 pm  #5

Re: The good old days

Great to watch again. I thought Casey was a great player in the engine room. That’s why I’m Casey on here. My name is Clive as some may know. I don’t get to as many games now,which with the sorry state of the club is no bad thing. I always thought that this Tooting against Swindon and Bradford should have gone on to conference or even league. Now we barely belong in south central. 😠😭


06/1/2022 3:38 pm  #6

Re: The good old days

I never though of it like that Clive.  But you are right.  Both sides had a never-say-die attitude which is what made them so dangerous as illustrated in the away match at Swindon.  2-0 down in ten minutes or so, then banging two in late in the game.  Billy bought that attitude with him when he took the team over.

To be fair though, Frank and Paul's team, with a little investment, could be doing battle with Dorking and Dulwich right now instead of Sutton Common Rovers and Chalfont St Peter.


07/1/2022 11:19 am  #7

Re: The good old days

Such great memories, a different world we lived in,  and dare I say when football was football,   a team and club to be proud of ! Enough said.


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