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27/2/2022 8:36 am  #1

Toots v Ashford Town

Match report anyone?


27/2/2022 10:09 am  #2

Re: Toots v Ashford Town

Dont think there was much to report on ev apparently a dreadful game and tooting didnt have a shot on target.


27/2/2022 10:30 am  #3

Re: Toots v Ashford Town

A real nail biter then Dan!😂

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27/2/2022 10:52 am  #4

Re: Toots v Ashford Town

I received the under mentioned views  of an avid and loyal fan on yesterday's match and performance.

.Another example where if you don’t have a recognised striker, two wingers that can cross the ball and a mid-field that can’t press forward, then you’re simply not going to score and that what happened today.

A pub team, playing with a lot of huff and puff but achieving nothingand that’s typical when you’re playing like a pub team in a division that they are not worthy in being in, and a team that can’t score. As it’s been said today, The Chuckle brothers are a total disgrace, devoid of ideas,  can’t see what the fans are seeing, and will not listen to=11pt anybody but themselves, and their team is dropping like a stone, playing without passion and intelligence
and the brothers believing they are still on target to stay up.  Well, they are idiots. If they can’t see what we are seeing from the terraces. Terrible football at it’s lowest level. 
Yes, we deserve to go down with our current record. No doubt about that. Just look at the table. It doesn’t lie.

Since 2005: The challenge is to make Tooting & Mitcham United FC the best semi-professional club in the land, one built on sound foundations of good practice in all matters!! (You can’t make this up lol)


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27/2/2022 12:16 pm  #5

Re: Toots v Ashford Town

That's out sums up the match. I have had trouble sleeping lately,not after watching that . New low levels every match I've watched. Thank goodness the against SCR is off. I was going to that. That would have my first away match. Nothing else to say.


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