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07/6/2013 9:02 am  #1


I am fed up with all the postings pointing out you should join the members club to help the Football club. Who would want to join an organisation who absolutely have no control of the football club other than act as flunkies. They also have the humiliation to go on bended knees to beg and borrow to their master to keep the club alive. Nigel Wood and Bill Hill were the only two individuals who had the capabilities of turning the club around, just look at what happened to  them.
Along with a few others I wanted to join the Members Club at the time of crises, when it was going to  be sold up  the river. Some individuals could actually see they were being led at the “Garden Path” and wanted to stop it happening. So what did happened, , two tier membership introduced with the adoption of an associate member who had no voting writes. Those who wanted to  join the debate and vote just walked away. The Members club were even being manipulated at this stage of discussions with the new owner.
The Members Club have now been left with the Football club and Owner they deserve, and the fans with all three problems. The Same bunch  now have the temerity to  ask for help. Thankfully some of us are not fools
RIP Tooting and Mitcham United Football Club.


07/6/2013 9:58 am  #2


I understand your frustrations.  It does seem as if the football club has been going downhill rapidly since the Stockport game.  But at the moment, the members club is the only body that is in position to help the club.  I don't think there is a mechanism in place for individuals to provide any sort of help without going through the members club.

I'm not saying that everyone should join the members club.  In fact the large majority of Tooting fans (and all clubs really) just want to pay their money on a Saturday and watch the football.  But every team needs a few people to go a step further and take on the resposibility of running the club.  And in our case, this is the members club.  So if you have the time and the inclination to help the club in ways other than paying your tenner etc, then the members club is the only option.  If not, then don't join.  But then you have to rely on the incumbents to do their best.

For me, its difficult to criticize the members club.  Most of us think they have messed up over the last couple of years, but until someone else decides that they can commit the time and the energy to it, its a bit unfair to complain.

Incidentally, I'm not a member.


07/6/2013 1:02 pm  #3


Bolty can I suggest a meeting be arranged by all like minded supporters who are unhappy with the present situation, It does not have to be in a hall, I am sure the amnount of people who would turn up could easily meet in a bar somewhere, this would give a chance to talk face to face and see where it takes us.

NB  As long as it does not include Stan!

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08/6/2013 5:33 am  #4


I knew Stan was right all along. The doubters of him led me to believe he "robbed " from the club etc etc. Stan knew all along but no f*cker was willing to believe him and just saw him as a nuisance and a troublemaker. Oh how wrong some of you were. In fact without people like Stan we'd know bugger all what skullduggery is going on in Twatkins boardroom. I wish people would wake up really would. Tmufc is f*cked.......and i mean properly f*cked. Its about time the rifts stopped and people started listening. So divided its unbelievable, i dont take sides within the fanbase(whats left) but what i do understand and know is to stick up for whats right(taught that from a young age). Stan has exposed the real truth and has been criticised and bullied by certain members of the club for his views.........which only means one thing.....the club is run by a dictatorship. They know theyve f*cked up but wont admit it. Such a shame really is. R.I.P TMUFC


08/6/2013 8:37 pm  #5


One thing I do know is that the various in fighting and different groups over at at TMUFC... ie Members Club, People who back Stan up and the other who don't etc etc etc are just what the current people in charge want.

Maybe it is time for a get together somewhere to have a clear the air chat between everyone and then to work out if a more united group of supporters could start something up. It might take one or two meetings to get things going..... But it might be worth a try.

I can understand why people think that a new breakaway club may be a good idea but I think there is still hope for the club now, if people can put their differences aside and see if there is any common ground on which to build on...



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