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26/3/2022 8:23 pm  #1

Tooting V's Binfield

A message from Tooting fanatic Stefan
I am so disappointed! Every T&M player should hold their head in shame for the performance they gaveon the pitch today.  They could not find their passes, shoot on goal affectively, go round players andmore importantly score a goal, even when we were awarded a penalty! 

But their biggest culprit was their manager Ashley and his team, who could not find the energy to explain in no certain terms that the team is heading for relegation if they could not put a better 2nd half together. Could they, hell not,  they couldn’t find the opposition net even if they wanted too, that’s how bad they were today. 

And the =11ptmanager and his team should look at themselves and say to themselves, are we fit to manage the teamon performances like today and throughout the season ?   Why did we let go our top striker Dan Williams go ?  Why did our managers, play over 50 players this season ?   What were their negotiation skills likein trying to keep players at our club ?  Do our managers show any respect for our player’s, and do they care ?   Well, it a sad day for the club, but more for the poor suffering supporter, who had to watch this rubbish today. A fresh start is needed but I will not be there at the terraces to watch them next season if they go down,because above all, I have lost all respect to the jokers who run our club believing it can’t be happening, but itis unfortunately and we are going down unless a major miracle happens overnight, and the management getsleave of their senses.

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27/3/2022 9:16 am  #2

Re: Tooting V's Binfield

I think Enoch has potential. He certainly looks enthusiastic and busy. A bit like the old Andy Clarke at Wimbledon many years ago. Think we were undone by 3 pieces of absolute quality - absolutely excellent penalty save - great free kick and the header. Just a shame we didn't have the same sort of quality ourselves. Maybe Enoch playing off of Dixon holding the ball up from the start? Appreciate none of them have the class of Dan but we need to get by with what we've got now. SCR are almost out of the scrap now - looks like we need to drag Westfield in to it. 


27/3/2022 10:21 am  #3

Re: Tooting V's Binfield

Yes Andy.  SCR have banged in 12 goals in their last three games and have earned 11 points from the last six games.  We have 1 point from six games.


28/3/2022 6:17 pm  #4

Re: Tooting V's Binfield

I think a look at the players SCR have been able to bring in and their 'pedigree' certainly being better than we've managed....and they play in front of 40-50 people most games?



28/3/2022 6:35 pm  #5

Re: Tooting V's Binfield

So do a few of the other teams above us Andy.  Crowd size does not limit a club's ambition.


28/3/2022 7:31 pm  #6

Re: Tooting V's Binfield

Gary, you're such a cynic😂


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