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06/6/2022 6:50 pm  #1

ashley bohsa still manager

My understanding is Ashley Bohsa is still manager for next season with warren as his assistant apparently Adkins ambition is now just Premier division status and not national league any more what makes this Bozo of an owner think the coming season is going to be any better then the last but of course he doesant give a toss it all just a vanity project for Adkins as long as he looks good in the community the football comes a very poor second.
I pity any of you poor sods who might shell out for a season ticket what a waste !!!!!!!


07/6/2022 9:49 am  #2

Re: ashley bohsa still manager

Basically putting two ringer up to everyone! Par for the course, plus the puppet members club are full on board. However we do have Kingstonians who are making a bid for conference South!  What a mess. 


07/6/2022 10:46 am  #3

Re: ashley bohsa still manager

Quote from myles warren  Absolutely delightedto be assisting Ashley for the forthcoming season.
Tooting and Mitcham a massive club and im exited and positive about what we can achieve.
We will need the fantastic supporters to be with us every step of the way as WE PLAN TO MAKE YOU PROUD. well everybody do you think chuckle brothers mark 2 will make us proud.

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07/6/2022 12:28 pm  #4

Re: ashley bohsa still manager

You know that hurting feeling you get when you have watched Tooting lose ? That punch in the gut, that is how I am feeling after reading this yesterday.  Except normally you wake up the next day and it has gone. Not this morning.  For me this is a very sad day for the club.
What will Ash and Warren do differently to go from a relegation battle to a promotion battle?
Steve Adkins wrote " We also want to renew the ongoing project with our Academy bringing through young players after the last two somewhat interrupted seasons"
We had a full last season and all that happened was we got rid of the majority of the senior players.  It seems that the children will be represented the first team again.  If this is a project , what is the projects objectives? To give away as many players as possible again so a out side company benefits?
This is what happens when one person is in charge of a football club. This what happens when a owner of the football club ignores the room and his supporters.
I hope all the people that sit in the Home Officials section of the stands pretending they are important.  The people that gave the club away are happy with themselves.  For those who have supporters Tooting for over 45 years and remember my grandad who organised entertainment and fundraising at the club. I am just glad for him he isn't here to see this. 
I don't think there is anything else to say. It's over for me. The club is dead....


07/6/2022 12:53 pm  #5

Re: ashley bohsa still manager

Does anybody actually care anymore?  The old supporters, like me, like Pat, can't be bothered turning up to watch this joke of a club anymore.  A lot of the newer supporters who have rocked up in the last few years don't really know anything different other than what the owner, the Members Club, the agents, and the Chuckle Brothers serve up at each match and that is fine for them.  As the older supporters thin out the links with the past diminish.

That's the way it goes and it is a waste of time getting hung up about it.


07/6/2022 3:11 pm  #6

Re: ashley bohsa still manager

Actual Announcement from the club's web site:

We are delighted to confirm that Ashley Bosah will be our first team manager for the forthcoming season assisted by Myles Warren.  Between them they bring a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to our Club.  It is both our and their ambition to seek promotion to Isthmian Premier League and we are very hopeful of achieving this with their knowledge and skills.  We also want to renew the ongoing project with our Academy bringing through young players after the last two somewhat interrupted seasons

Our management team will continue to work with the Members Club representative ensuring an open dialogue to address our mutual concerns

We are looking forward to next season and preparations are well in advance for the friendlies ahead of its start


I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

07/6/2022 5:11 pm  #7

Re: ashley bohsa still manager

Sadly, I don't know of many other clubs that would persevere with a management team that nearly led the club to County level oblivion.

Thankfully my house move is getting closer to completion so I will soon be able to make the footballing move over to the South East division and Ashford United, who have been flying high this last season.

Apart from the great friends that I have made while supporting and 'working' for the club I certainly won't miss the quality of football in the latter seasons.

Come back Frank, all is forgiven.

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

07/6/2022 5:36 pm  #8

Re: ashley bohsa still manager

Good luck to you Dave. 

I always enjoyed my exchanges with you.  Thank you for the great work that you did on the match programme.


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