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18/5/2022 4:16 pm  #1

How to kill a football club

Dont know how many of you have seen the club statement from Walton Casuals but it seems like they are in a great deal of trouble and barring someone ( a sugar daddy ) coming in and taking them over and the season we have just completed could very well be their last.

This is in no small measure to the insane decision of placing them in the Southern league south west division this meant they had regular trips to teams in devon and cornwall the travelling expenses must have been crippling even worse now with the cost of fuel the maddest part of this is that Walton and Hersham who they share their ground with
have been placed in our division the south central.

This is utter madness and the numpties that came up with this placement in the first place so be ashamed of themselves they have helped to kill a football club. I sincerly hope they can find a way to keep going but the club statement does sound very dire. 


09/6/2022 6:15 pm  #2

Re: How to kill a football club

Walton Casuals didnt manage to find an answer to their problems and have now folded.

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10/6/2022 8:55 pm  #3

Re: How to kill a football club

Yes, it is bloody grim Dan.  A very sad way for a club to be destroyed.


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