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01/7/2022 10:55 pm  #1


I see that Tooting have dropped so low in football's pecking order that they are now consigned to the Extra Preliminary Round of the FA Cup on August 6th.
Oh joy !!

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !

04/7/2022 1:25 pm  #2


Hi DeePee, Hope you are keeping well, and you have moved at last to Ashford.
A consecutive year drawn in the extra Prem round of the FA Cup, whereas last year it seemed a lucky dip which clubs who would be in this lowly round, this year it seeks to   have been drawn on merit.  So, here we have it, we are now considered rock bottom of clubs who can earn exemption from this humiliating round, which we were ceremonially dumped out of last season by a lower league club.
To think we once made the 5th round draw of this famous competition, and the current situation at our once famous football club just shows the erosion which has happened!

I bet the fans are waiting with baited breath on the draw which takes place Friday. We enter the cup even before league fixture is played!


04/7/2022 1:40 pm  #3


Still awaiting a 100% firm date but it's looking very much like it'll be the middle of next week for the move.
I'm really looking forward now to watching a better standard of non-league football down at Ashford United, at least they challenged for promotion last season. Downside is we're going to have to go to Canterbury for our County Cricket fix now 😑
Hope to do one of our boozy meet ups soon.

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !
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04/7/2022 1:49 pm  #4


Hi DeePee sounds great you are going to  move at last to  Ashford. As you say" you can at least watch a better standard of football. The Kent County ground at Canterbury is great place to  watch cricket, but hopefully you will be able to visit Oval as well?

Yes looking forward to  another boozy meet up  soon, maybe after you have settled in at Ashford. 


08/7/2022 3:29 pm  #5


So it's the mighty Cobham FC v T&MU FCin the eagerly awaited Extra Preliminary Round of the FA Cup ! !!
Oh dear 😳

I started out with nothing and I've still got most of it left !
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