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03/8/2022 12:00 pm  #1

Don’t panic Mr Manwaring!!!!!!!!

With pre-season now finished with a record of 9 games, lost 7, drew 2, 2 goals for, and 29 against, which must be some sought of record for the football team. Although pre-season games are not a reflection for the main season, things are looking grim and ominous.

The first competitive game is away in the FA Cup this Saturday to Cobham of the combined Counties League. This usually would have been a non-event, but after last seasons shambles and a degrading defeat in the extra preliminary round of the Cup, you can only hope for some good fortune!

The first league game away to Northwood the following Saturday will be a real tough test. To win the South-Central League outright, you cannot afford to lose more than 4/5 games during the season. Even if you make the play-off final it will be a nightmare of a lottery. If promotion is gained it will need a recruitment of better players to cope with the next level. On the opposite side of equation Tooting could be fighting relegation to the depths junior football!
How did all of this happen???????
Since 2005:  Quote “The challenge is to make Tooting & Mitcham United FC the best semi-professional club in the land, one built on sound foundations of good practice in all matters!! (You can’t make this up lol)


03/8/2022 12:54 pm  #2

Re: Don’t panic Mr Manwaring!!!!!!!!

Mike i think we will struggle against cobham and it would be no surprise to me if we get beat.
There is £1,500 prize money up for grabs for the winners and for a team like cobham im sure this will have them fired up. For adkins however hes got so much dosh dont think it will bother him too much.
We have sunk so low in the non league pecking order i wonder how much lower we can go.
TEAM OF PROGRESSION. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


03/8/2022 1:02 pm  #3

Re: Don’t panic Mr Manwaring!!!!!!!!

Mike, as usual your optimistic upbeat evaluation of the the task ahead has filled me with unbounded excitement!

I could rip a tissue!

Onward and...


03/8/2022 3:13 pm  #4

Re: Don’t panic Mr Manwaring!!!!!!!!

I think another worry (if we haven't got enough...), not scoring more than one goal in a game? (Excluding the AFC Wimbledon donkey derby) - plus two of the pre-season goals coming from a defender (Nikolai) and 2 from penalties - not exactly inspiring in open play?

After Danny Williamns left, one of my mantra from last season was please don't go one down - where were the goals going to come from? (Especially now Walters has gone too...)

Almost like that striker issue still hasn't been addressed? https://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons2/confused.png


03/8/2022 3:40 pm  #5

Re: Don’t panic Mr Manwaring!!!!!!!!

Unfotunatly Andy the issues from last season wont be addressed because nice fella that ashley probably is im afraid and ive said it before he is out of his depth mainly because he obviously does not have the contacts at this level and unless adkins does something about the situation im afraid we will struggle just like last season.Steve Adkins your experiment with the young players is no good and its about time you realised it.


03/8/2022 5:14 pm  #6

Re: Don’t panic Mr Manwaring!!!!!!!!

Daniel - Losing to Erith last season in the cup would have been a huge blow - at least finacially (well, if the money would have been invested in the first team). I have a feeling Cobham will;be really tough this weekend - as you said they will certainly be up for it. I was laughing at Ks be as short as 12/1 with the bookies a week or so back (they were absolute toilet against Hayes and Yeading and RPV) - three 4-1 wins later.....doesn't seem so far off now. As for us....is Dembele still playing? I get the business model is showcasing the kids to get Boro to come and grab them (do they actually pay a transfer fee?) but it looks like a very tough season ahead possibly.


03/8/2022 6:11 pm  #7

Re: Don’t panic Mr Manwaring!!!!!!!!

As far as i know Andy the only people that earn anything when any of our young players move on is the agents attached to the club and maybe steve adkins.


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