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23/8/2022 9:55 am  #1

" The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

My third T & M book will soon be published. My two previous books were " Tooting On The Move " ( 2002 ) and " We Woz Robbed In '59 " ( 2018 ).
" The Tooting Terrors In The '70s - A History of Tooting & Mitcham United FC, including FA Cup successes - set to a background of social events of the time " ( to give it its full title ) is a season by season account,152 pages, with lots of photos. and memories from old players. Cover price £ 15-00. It will be available in the Club Shop or by post. I am hoping that, around the time of publication, players from the 1970s will attend a match at Imperial Fields.
When I know the publication date ( hopefully, in the first couple of weeks of September ) I will post more details on here,
Jeff Brooks


23/8/2022 11:00 am  #2

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Can't wait!


23/8/2022 11:44 am  #3

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Great effort Jeff.


23/8/2022 2:02 pm  #4

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Jeffb Both previous i got and were great reads will definatly buy the 3rd one congrats


23/8/2022 3:38 pm  #5

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Sounds good, great era of terrors football and success! Just imagine what the history books will say if anyone bothers in years to come as to the last several years Toots efforts !!


23/8/2022 5:10 pm  #6

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Sorry Steptoe it wouldant even warrent a footnote in a notebook and some of the newer supporters who defend the present regime might actually realise what a great club tooting were then and not the pathetic shadow of of a club that we are now


23/8/2022 5:21 pm  #7

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Totally agree, those treasured 70’s memories beating Swindon at home, leading Crystal Palace in the FA cup , those Leatherhead needle games to name a few bought much pride in following this club. Now the fire is just about burnt out!


23/8/2022 6:32 pm  #8

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

I hope you have recorded the fact Tooting played in White shirts (The lilywhites) until 1956, and were not the stripes since 1932 as described on the Tooting Website. Without your efforts and those of Ian Bullock and Stan Churchillmann, the history of this club is going to be lost.  The new generation don’t have a clue about this once wonderful club, or indeed do they care,  they are now brought up on the feast of football they are served today. I hope your books are or will be deposited at Merton Library?


23/8/2022 6:34 pm  #9

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Jesus flipping christ.

Stop living in the Jesus flipping past. 

Just congratulate Jeffb on his work and leave it there . Why do you feel the need to always leave a stain of negativity on every Jesus flipping thing you write.

Every Jesus flipping minute there seems to be the need to reiterate how crap you think things are even when it is completely irrelevant.

That constant downbeat, pessimistic slander that is consistently put out by individuals is completely and utterly unwarranted and corrosive.

Jesus flipping christ. Agenda much.

Cue the "you don't know what your talking about because I've been a supporter for longer than you and you don't have a right to express an opinion because I don't agree with it because you weren't here in 1970 and we will never be successful anymore so let's just be abusive and say everything's not not good enough" replies.

Jesus flipping christ gentlemen.


23/8/2022 7:36 pm  #10

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Oh jesus flipping christ its joe popping up again.You are of course entitled to your opinion joey boy but you really do not have a clue about tooting do you.
Of course its not your fault that you obviously didnt see any of the great days of this once great football club
but from your post i am now convinced you really are just a wind up merchant or should i use the more modern venacular ( Internet Troll ).I have been asked by one or two regular contributors to ask you if you would like to have a face to face conversation say in the club bar sometime then you can tell us 
(face to face ) how corrosive pessimistic slanderous old living in the past old outdated tossers we are.
over to you joey boy


24/8/2022 6:14 am  #11

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

And if we carry on with the same model we will join those now redundant clubs or can you not see that ?


24/8/2022 1:26 pm  #12

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Brassneck ( stephan )   You seem very dismissive of this clubs history like its in the past and it does not matter any more. Well lots and lots of clubs have a great history and havent won anything of note for a long time that does not mean that the history should be forgotten for instance Tottenham have not won anything for years but you try telling a spurs fan that their history is in the past and they should basically forget it
you are likely to get a quick right hander.
You talk about how proud you are of the thriving youth set up we have at Tooting and thats fine, Dorking Wanderers have a good youth setup as well as thriving development squad and ladies teams but that has not stopped them from going from basically a sunday pub side to the National League and all because they have an owner who wants his club to be the best they can Mark White is a shining example of what an who gets involved with non league should in comparison we have an owner that couldant give two hoots how the first team does. All you people that think he is great for Tooting are completly wrong how do you think he got all the grants to further what he wanted to do at Tooting they were all granted on the back of the name of Tooting &Mitcham FC now he has got those grants the first team is like a millstone around his neck if he could get rid believe me he would. 
So take your blindfolds off and see the man for what he really is !!!!!!!


25/8/2022 12:12 am  #13

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

I’d say you definitely have to acknowledge the past in any setting.  History is a great thing for two big reasons.  Firstly, it gives something interesting to look back on.  Secondly (and a lot more importantly), it gives us hindsight and experience so as not to repeat past mistakes and take things forward.  Seems a bit lost with the way the world is today but that’s one benefit that should be utilised. 

The third bit is to do with keeping the efforts of those before us still alive and current.  Would someone putting loads of effort 50 years ago want to be forgotten?  Would they want a good job to be remembered?  Would they want to do a job that was of benefit to others that could be of purpose for years behind them?  I’m sure you can make up your own minds. 

There is an argument that we shouldn’t have this defeatist attitude today and leave a legacy for those behind us in years to come.  Sadly, and the truth is, management and those involved in the ownership circle don’t want this which is causing a lot of angst and resulting ill-feeling.  An atmosphere of being cooperative and a united club with both the owners, team and supporters on the same side has really gone. 

I’d like to see a better atmosphere but with what supporters know about the club, and goodwill being exhausted over many, many years it’s a hard act to conquer

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These Fokkers were Messerschmitts

25/8/2022 5:30 am  #14

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Well said BernieTheBolt !


25/8/2022 8:05 am  #15

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "


Well said BernieTheBolt !

Cheers Mr. Steptoe, not everyone will agree with the above but it’d be really nice if things could improve and a bit of future building could take place now.  Fingers crossed.

These Fokkers were Messerschmitts

03/9/2022 10:37 am  #16

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

The book is now printed. I am arranging for copies to be delivered to the club and they will be sold in the Club Shop. It is also available by post -  email orders to brooksjeff18@aol.com. Cost by post is £19-70 ( £15 plus £4-70 p and p - second class post in a padded envelope ). I do still have some copies of my 2018 book, " We Woz Robbed In '59 ". Anyone buying a copy of the current book, can also buy a copy of the 2018 at half price ie £5. In this case, cost by post is £25-85 ( £15 plus £5 plus £5-85 p and p - second class post in a padded envelope ). 
Payment by electronic transfer to J S Brooks, 09-01-28, 46895124, giving your name as reference.
Can also pay by cheque ( payable to J S Brooks ) to 24, Alderfield, Petersfield, Hants., GU32 3LH.

I am organising a reunion of players from the 1970s at the club on Saturday 1st. October. Hopefully, they will be on the pitch and introduced to the crowd before the match v South Park ( Reigate )

Jeff Brooks

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12/9/2022 5:38 pm  #17

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Great list of players potentially coming on the 1st  for the 70's reunion

Ken Jelly, Dave Hutchins, Brian Feeney, Dave Clarke, Chris Gedney, Dave Cobb, Alan Berrecloth, Bobby Green, Derek Casey, Ronnie Howell, Alan Ives, Dave Juneman, Nick Glover, Des Dennis


12/9/2022 6:45 pm  #18

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Thanks for the info Poddington all great names for this terrors fan what a time the seventies were.


12/9/2022 7:09 pm  #19

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Must mention some of these players for any terrors fan who didnt see these guys play.
Ken Jelly record goalscorer Mr Deadly in the box.
Brian Feeney Hard as nails not many got past this guy.
Dave cobb not the biggest but a superb keeper got england caps.
Allan Berrecloth unsung but scored a lot of vital goals one of my favourite players.
Bobby Green what a left foot the most cultered defender ive seen at this level.
Derek Casey used to turn up with his boots in a carrier bag but what a fighter superb.
Ronnie Howell Mr smooth on and off the pitch best midfield general every thing was so easy for Ronnie.
Alan ives one of my heroes not very big but another player deadly in front of goal.
Dave Jumeman Mr penalty taker how many 43 consecutive a record still i think and a very clever player.
Nicky Glover Mr speedy long ball to this guy and it was as good as in the net.
Des Dennis really lovely guy and a great forward,speed power he had the lot.
All great players i remember them all with great affection and lucky to have seen them play.


12/9/2022 9:56 pm  #20

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Brassneck sorry to go on but these players were really special if i left anyone out sorry but we had so many 
who were truly special and as i said i am really privelilged to have seen these guys these were truly tooting terrors. 


20/9/2022 6:01 pm  #21

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

A bloody excellent book.  Thanks for all of your hard work Jeff.

Loads on my favorite Tooting match, Swindon Town, with lots of newspaper reports covering, for me, the best ever Tooting goal from Alan Ives.


23/9/2022 8:50 am  #22

Re: " The Tooting Terrors In The 70s "

Thanks for the kind comments about the book.
I have recently been in contact with John Robertson, one of the finest players to have played for T & M.
There is a possibility that he will be at the reunion on 1st. October.

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