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01/10/2022 6:30 pm  #1

Observations/questions from today's game

1) Attendance 205 - Really????? Appreciaiting there was a train strike and counting season tickets etc - I would have thought 120/30 absolute maximum in the ground.

2) Has Cory put on 2 stone in the last two weeks?

3) The new guy up front might have potential - looked keen and hungry. (Where did he come from?) Dembele didn't really get a chance. Hope he does.

4) Pretty dire game although the constant handbags were quite funny...well, for the first five or six times anyway. 1-1 was a pretty fair result - neither team really created much.

I certainly don't think there was a lack of effort today - sad as it may be, we just aren't very good.... 


02/10/2022 9:38 am  #2

Re: Observations/questions from today's game

205 seemed about right to me. Unfortunately we all had to endure what was an extremely poor quality game, both sides struggled to carve out any decent chances throughout the 90 minutes. Neither team deserved the three points, and on that showing, both teams will spend the season in the lower reaches of this division. South Park were time wasting from when they went ahead in the first half and I got the impression they were happy with a point. A very uninspiring afternoon.


02/10/2022 11:02 am  #3

Re: Observations/questions from today's game

I'm still curious about the 205. Great news on the programme sales and think that is a great indicator. Probably 2 from SP behind the goal? Usuals behind the goal and maybe a few more along the side where I stand. We must all be doing social distancing still

Andy Mc - Totally agree. Insipid at best. Thought SP looked just as bad. Our goalkeeping error was awful and didn't really see shots on goal. Bumped in to Enoch outside the ground before KO in his casuals. Not sure if he's injured or just wasn't picked.

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03/10/2022 8:37 pm  #4

Re: Observations/questions from today's game

My first visit to IF this year was purely to meet up with the lads from the 70s: https://www.tmu-fc.co.uk/db/playersearcher.php  and of course catch up with the few remaining old lags.  Sadly the fare on the pitch has not improved even slightly since last time (unlike the much missed curry goat from the SHAK), so I won't be rushing back!


03/10/2022 9:25 pm  #5

Re: Observations/questions from today's game

Thanks for that picture Terror i recognised most of the guys and good to see Dave Juneman after all these years


04/10/2022 9:11 am  #6

Re: Observations/questions from today's game

I managed to ask Nicky Glover about the double sending off at Hitchin many years ago.  I was there but I didn't see the incident.

Anyway, Nicky wasn't happy as Jack Payne seemed to be pushing him out and he was on the bench for the Hitchin game.  Apparently Danny Clapton was getting a bit of grief from the bench throughout the game and I think Nicky was chipping in.

Later on Nicky was brought on.  He received a short pass from Clapton and returned the ball straight back.  But it seems as if Danny Clapton just let the ball run out of play on purpose.  There were words between the 2 and then a headbutt and then a couple of punches.  Obviously the rest of the team steamed in to break it up and Billy Smith told them both to shake hands as he realised that the ref hadn't seen anything.

But out of the corner of Nick's eye he saw the linesman flagging furiously and told Nicky " I saw everything..."

And that was that - 2 reds!  (Not sure if there were actually cards back then).


04/10/2022 9:33 am  #7

Re: Observations/questions from today's game

Well done Jeff for getting these players together and Paul for posting on his website. Great to see those great players of the past, all of which were a pleasure and inspiration to watch and delivered so many happy memories. I bet this lot would beat todays shambles of a team!


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