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24/2/2023 12:09 pm  #1

V's South Park

When Tooting first played South Park, I can recall a number of fans taking the hiss out of the club, including the ground and their playing standards. Time has moved on,  South Park have a nice re-developed ground, the team are now holding their own in this dreadful league. How Ironic, just to think we are now relying on beating South Park to save Tooting from relegation. Really says a lot about the structure at Imperial Fields!

To escape and survive the relegation battle, teams would have to have the same points as games played by the end of the season, to have any chance of redemption. The 4 bottom clubs are currently wide of this mark.

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24/2/2023 12:33 pm  #2

Re: V's South Park

Yes Mike.  South Park were most certainly laughed at by us but, like so many teams in this division and in the divisions above us, are doing a lot better than Tooting thanks to its worse ever manager.  It says it all really.

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24/2/2023 2:29 pm  #3

Re: V's South Park

I totally agree with this thread! Oh the Tin hat brigade memories of days gone by for Tooting and Mitcham Fc, once a club to be proud of !


26/2/2023 12:05 pm  #4

Re: V's South Park

Well that was a pretty poor quality game with both goalkeepers having very little to do for the whole 90 minutes. A point each was probably fair, although if we hadn't equalised with the last touch of the game we would have had few complaints. As the game went on it looked as though the hosts would be the more likely to score as we seemed completely ineffective against a well drilled Southpark back four. Still unbeaten under the new managerial team but still bottom with the clubs around us continuing to pick up points as well, its going to be close.


26/2/2023 12:29 pm  #5

Re: V's South Park

All five teams at the bottom drew so not a great help.


26/2/2023 1:38 pm  #6

Re: V's South Park

But we have one game less to play with until the end of the season.  Every game that goes by without us making any progress up the table is another nail in our coffin.

Three straight wins by any of the bottom feeding dregs in this division will probably see them to safety.


26/2/2023 10:56 pm  #7

Re: V's South Park

Thought we played ok. Team selection was more positive. Only change I would like to have seen was Anwar starting instead of Clark. New keeper looked confident and distributed the ball well. Nikolai and Daly were very good again. New holding midfielder from Woking had some nice touches. Could have been a different game if Malachi had taken one of those early chances. Problem with the forward line is they are very small. We need the ball on the ground rather than pumped forwards. Quite an irony to score when Reece took the last corner and it actually beat the first man. Fingers crossed we can grab something Tuesday night.


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