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10/3/2023 3:47 pm  #1

Vs Westfield

So, as well as Jake Baxter, Westfield have signed another forward from top placed Basingstoke. We got the consolation prize of another centre back and a winger...

Was good to see a decent team news update on FB this afternoon. Good to see that Lyle and Purdue are both fit again.

Looking forward to the game tomorrow. Hope and optimism for survival are now both at zero but hoping for a bit of pride and a decent result. Surely now is the time to go out all guns blazing rather than setting out for a clean sheet?

One last thing, AH and AB, please start Enoch tomorrow....


11/3/2023 2:59 pm  #2

Re: Vs Westfield

Will proven goal scorer Jake Baxter come back to haunt us as the ghost of Tooting past?

We’ll soon find out.


11/3/2023 5:19 pm  #3

Re: Vs Westfield

Baxter did absolutely nothing and was off the pace all game. Thought we played ok for 15 minutes and then totally capitulated after we let the first one in. Less said about the second goal the better. Static is the nicest I could manage. No imagination. No confidence. No one willing to shoot and very low on creativity. Pretty dismal all round. Kudos to Shawn Lyle for putting in a shift. Thought the Bog did ok in midfield. Felipe had a good go too.

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