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12/3/2023 8:40 pm  #1

What is the point????????????

 Well, the point is with 7 games to play Tooting have 20 points from 31 game, to avoid any relegation battle you need at least one point per game, unless teams default like Staines ang Whyteleafe. So with 7 games to play Tooting need 18 points to equal points per games played!!!!!!
The demise and killing of a once great Football Team has been achieved by the Owner, Members Club (Glorified Supporters club), The current buffoon who is director of football, the un-sackable management team, plus the hyper hypocritical chairman of the Members club Mr confidentially himself who has stuffed the football team through outrageous actions since getting involved with TOOTING. However, I won’t include the players as they are just pawns in this debacle.
However, I do feel sorry for all those individuals who have volunteered their services since 2005 and have been taken for complete fools (I must apologise). There have been some wonderful individuals and many just left never to appear again!!!!!

When Tooting eventually disappears into the complete oblivion of junior football. You will need to get the jungle drums ready, as results will vanish from Football Web Pages or the Isthmian League site, which Tooting have been a member since 1956!
A team which was built to fail since 2000! Those involved should be absolutely ashamed of their contribution. But they don't care!


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13/3/2023 6:00 am  #2

Re: What is the point????????????

To put things into perspective Mike, we are at the bottom of the points per game table with 0.65 points per game.  As of our rivals, SCR 0.81; Bedfont 0.87; Merstham 1; Ashford 1.06.  Bloody awful, 
It doesn't look like we are going to make a late charge up the table, but you never know at this screwed up club.


13/3/2023 6:15 am  #3

Re: What is the point????????????

When Mrs Steptoe and I went to the promotion last game against Dorking  at Dorking several years ago, I had so much hope of better things to come for this club that my Dad and Uncle, hardcore supported over many, many decades had enjoyed the ups and downs.I cannot boast to have ever been so committed in my support, what with other distractions that get in the way in life, but have always kept Toots close to my heart. Even when my dear old dad was inflicted with Alzheimer’s, taking him to see his beloved Toots was a therapy ! Those love ones that we have lost who supported this club surely must be looking down at the very least in horror and disgust as to where the club is now. Yes “its only football” but there was many opportunities to have avoided all of this. With the remaining games, at the very least, go out in and make us proud, and for those who could have made changes, reflect on your actions,or lack of them , as what you  have done over the past few years and today can affect you in the future!

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