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19/3/2023 2:36 pm  #1

Another blog

Just put this up on my blog....

It was a capitulation. A game that should have seen our players fighting for survival against the club above us in the league, a chance to claw back points and self pride. Instead we witnessed a game that seemed more like a pre season friendly or a end of season mid table clash between two clubs just seeing out the last few matches. Sutton Common Rovers have not had a good season, however they have done the double over Tooting in what probably were their easiest matches of this campaign.

Tooting have lost a large number of senior players over the last few weeks. Were they pushed or did they jump. Who really knows. A number of them turned up to watch from the stands along with ex managers and coaching staff. What must they have thought ? The new players drafted in made no difference what so ever. They played with no passion perhaps knowing they weren't going to be here for too long before the end of the season and the relegation for which we now need miracles of almost Biblical proportions  to avoid. Bringing so many new players in so late in the season who have no idea about the club and have no relationship with the fans looks to many watching as a pointless exercise. One of our ex-players now banging in goals left, right and centre at Farnham just rubbing salt into some very open wounds, while we struggle to even trouble opposition keepers.

There are people at the club who must now look at themselves in the mirror and look at their own role in this car crash of a season. Do they fully understand the part they themselves have played in the clubs demise. Is their lack of self awareness of the dreadful situation that was allowed to take place on their watch gone straight  over their heads. Supporters concerns raised earlier on dismissed as if their views were not important. People spoken to as if they were employees not fans. If we were shareholders in a company going through such a dreadful spell would they still be in a job.

No matter where we end up next season and even if we do hopefully avoid the drop, this will take years to sort out on the pitch, behind the scenes and on the terraces and stands. It will take far more than inspirational twitter posts and hash tags to win our missing fans back
Clubs at all levels take supporters loyalty for granted, but Tooting, seem simply naive to the fact that our fan base is shrinking with every game. The large away support that followed the club now getting smaller with each trip. A crowd of over 200 at the SCR game made up of many who travelled down the A217, and supporters from other clubs whose games had been postponed. Very few standing on the Bog End. Possibly the quitest they have ever been. Our normal vocal support resigned to yet another awful home performance. Morale crushed yet again as relegation  seems a mere formality.

Sitting in the bar after the game with the supporters of this great club, all looking stunned and at a loss to explain what was allowed to happen. As I said in my last blog. We are a community on the terraces and stands, united by their support of The Terrors. The club prides itself on it's work with local communities. Yet, we seem to have been forgotten.


19/3/2023 10:25 pm  #2

Re: Another blog

Hackbridge Harry says "There are people at the club who must now look at themselves in the mirror and look at their own role in this car crash of a season"

Well Chris confidential Woolley set out his "Vision of the hub" on 2nd June 2005 and stated:-

The Vision for The Club and The Hub 

We see this will enshrine the following principles:

1. Total transparency between Club and Hub

2. A one cost centre with a unified administration operated on a strictly not for profit basis.

3. The active participation of the Club and all its members in the running of the Club and the Hub to the greater good of both.

4. A substantial growth in the Membership of the Club brought about by the appeal of the Club as a committed partner to users of the Hub.

5. The provision of key local resources the Concept behind which is already attracting interest from other clubs as pioneer and model.

6. The challenge is to make Tooting & Mitcham United FC the best semi-professional club in the land, one built on sound foundations of good practice in all matters.

Maybe Chris confidential Woolley is one of the people Hackbridge Harry says "must must now look at themselves in the mirror and look at their own role in this car crash of a season" ? ? ? 



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