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25/3/2023 11:28 am  #1

Marlow v Toots

I was going to start with “another tough game”, but that well used cliche can be applied to every game this season so I won’t bother.

Marlow are safe in the promotion playoffs but will want to drive on for home advantage.  And seeing  as we can’t beat any of the other pond life in this division, it doesn’t look good.

And of course we are also relying on our relegation rivals not getting a result.


25/3/2023 5:21 pm  #2

Re: Marlow v Toots

Oh well.  Both SCR and us went down to ten men.  SCR held out to the 90th minute before conceding.  SCR down to ten in the 21st minute and is in 77th.

The good new is that all of the relegation rivals lost today.

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25/3/2023 7:05 pm  #3

Re: Marlow v Toots

Shamal only scored twice for Farnham today. Must be slipping...

Any report, please, from anyone who made the trip to Marlow?


26/3/2023 8:17 am  #4

Re: Marlow v Toots

Just read the match report from marlows local paper and according to them it was a very easy afternoon for them tooting offered no threat at all and marlow could have been out of sight by halftime if they had taken their chances.All this with 4 more new players for tooting, what a joke you could bring in 11 new players and it would make no difference. I hope any of the fans going to this so called fans forum have at least some searching questions for the management duo, and whilst on the subject why arent Adkins and Cox going to be in attendance to attempt to explain the ruination of a once great non league club.


26/3/2023 4:50 pm  #5

Re: Marlow v Toots

Point of order evthedog

Guernsey did not lose yesterday

The fact that they did not play yesterday would have had something to do with it.

Today they won 4-1 and are now out of TM United's reach with 38 points, TM United now having a maximum total of 35 thanks to their latest defeat.

Amazing to think that 50% of TM United's league wins this season have been against Guernsey ! !


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