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14/4/2023 8:27 pm  #1


Ok, a quick attempt to raise the spirits momentarily... Nominations for your Bog End Forum Player of the season?

I'm going for Nikolai. Although he has struggled a bit since being made captain (who wouldn't?) I think he has developed hugely and has been a glimmer of light in an awful season.

Pretty much an ever present, grown in confidence and has been pretty much solid and dependable.

54 players and counting to choose from


15/4/2023 8:32 am  #2


I don't think we should have one. The management and owner need to know what damage they have done to our club. This might be another indicator to them of what contemp we hold them in. Not the players fault, I know, but they will have other seasons.


15/4/2023 12:49 pm  #3


Totally agree Andy a boycott of these awards would maybe show this useless management and the joker who calls himself the owner just how much we hold THEM in contempt.


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