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19/4/2023 5:22 am  #1

v Ashford

Our abysmal run of form continues to the end. Despite going into an early two goal lead, the visitors soon got into the game after a disallowed goal and a mystery five minute stoppage in play seemed to annoy them. Three quick Ashford goals and a red card for us saw us go in at half time 2-3 down.

Second half and Ashford didn't take complete control despite the one man advantage. Instead they wasted time and feigned injury shamelessly, the officials fell for it every time. It was a shame they felt they needed to do that as I thought they were a very good team and better than us all over the pitch. Best Tooting performance was Bogend Tim behind the goal, absolutely classic.

Well thats it for me this season, I won't be able to make the Uxbridge game. I have always watched T&M in the Isthmian League, all the way back as a kid in the seventies. I would never have dreamt it would come to this. What mugs we have been taken for. See you next season, wherever that may be.


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19/4/2023 6:21 am  #2

Re: v Ashford

Agreed. The ref absolutely killed the game. The first yellow for Gordon was an absolute no but the second was an absolute yes. To be fair, we actually did ok with 10 men. Was great to see Reese score and was a decent move. First half was probably more entertaining than half of the season. Although normal service was resumed in the second half.


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