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18/4/2023 9:22 pm  #1

Tannoy message and banners?

Was there a tannoy message at the game tonight saying to take down the Adkins Out banners? Could half hear something but wasn't exactly sure what it was - about as clear as a 78rpm record being played under 200 feet of water as usual.


18/4/2023 9:38 pm  #2

Re: Tannoy message and banners?

There was a garbled tannoy announcement during a strange 5 minute halt in play in the first half. Nothing to do with banners, as far as I know. Someone said it was about racist language aimed at the ref.


20/4/2023 8:56 am  #3

Re: Tannoy message and banners?

To confirm the announcement - The ref had stopped the game to allow Sam Nabbad to take on fluids because he has been fasting during Ramadan. There was a reported racist comment from and Ashford "Supporter" behind the goal directed at Sam / his religion, sadly the ignorant person could not be identified. The announcement was to warn that anyone using this language will be removed from the ground.
It's a shame the ref didn't tell anyone about this planned stoppage before the game.
It had nothing to do with any anti Adkins banners.


20/4/2023 4:30 pm  #4

Re: Tannoy message and banners?

Cheers all. Appreciate the clarification.

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