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21/4/2023 10:09 pm  #1

Vs Uxbridge - Last game in the Isthmian League RIP

After 67 years, Saturday game brings the closure of a once proud T&M team playing in the Isthmian league.  Once known as the Terrors and a force in Amateur/non-league football the proud record has been in washed down the drain.
The only people to be proud of this debacle and have no shame is the big fat controller, The Members club (Woolley and Shaw) The pathetic Chairman of Football who knows nothing about football and is a complete buffoon, and of course the managerial team, and finally the apologists. Between all of them they caused the destruction, humiliation and embarrassment of the football team being in this position. The loyal fans and volunteers who still somehow have stayed to the bitter end after being stabbed in the back. The garbage in the last match day programme says it all with the statements and views. What a way to end..
The team which was to built to fail - Thanks for all your efforts in accomplishing your goals !!!!!!!!!!!


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22/4/2023 4:57 am  #2

Re: Vs Uxbridge - Last game in the Isthmian League RIP

At least we're not like Dorking:  investing in our first team and hanging on in the Conference for another season playing BIG teams.

Who wants that?


22/4/2023 12:17 pm  #3

Re: Vs Uxbridge - Last game in the Isthmian League RIP

Safe travels to the hardy souls who are going today.

Going to be enjoying watching Bexy and The Hornchurch Boys at the "home of football" this afternoon.


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