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04/4/2013 6:22 pm  #1

The Real Tooting & Mitcham United FC

Just allaying any fears. This is the REAL Tooting & Mitcham United FC forum for the people who love the club and have its best interests at heart.

This is now run by the fans for the fans. That is what the REAL Tooting and Mitcham United FC Stands for and its illustrious history.

The likes of the past 7 years will NEVER happen again.

Nor will our Forums EVER be Censored with anything other than common decency nor will it be manipulated or Administrators attempted to be 'got at'.

The Chezzer did not deserve the grief he was getting in attempts to badger him to manipulate and we applaud his efforts as the founder of the free speech forum for TMUFC and inspiring others to take on the mantle.

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