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21/3/2015 9:45 am  #1


Usually there is much talk about the AGM. It is on Monday 23rd and it all seems very quiet. Last year Steve made an appearance and much was made of it. Is he going to show up this year?  I shall turn up and I hope as many of you do as well.


22/3/2015 5:24 pm  #2


I'm also unable to attend thisyear and agree with 59robbery's post!


23/3/2015 1:23 am  #3


All are welcome to ask me about the AGM when we see each other at the Sittingbourne game on Tuesday night.
But I'll only be able to tell you if you give me the correct secret handshake to demonstrate you really are a fully paid up member of the Members Club.
And even then I'll probably have to kill you afterwards!

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26/3/2015 5:55 pm  #4


Dear all Humble apologies for not getting to the AGM on Monday, & more so for not sending a summary about the 100 club in advance - as I feared, it slipped my mind, as I escaped with the wife just to Bath, Oxford & the Cotswolds for the weekend, to celebrate her 60th birthday All I'd have said is that we sold all bar one (no. 80) of the 100 numbers this season, with the March draws to be done after the home game on 11th April & the April + end of season draws to be done after the Horsham game on 25th April - I have told Craig & Adam that we've so far raised £880 for the first team budget - I'd aim to repeat the exercise next season, if everyone's ok with that, & will be circulating all the participants I can reach by e-mail for their thoughts on fine-tuning the set-up for 2015/6 - I'd like to call it a 200 club & hope to sell over 100 numbers, but we might change the prize structure, perhaps just having 2 prizes each month & not the £10 ones - but that's for our thoughts in the future Here's to a good end to this campaign Best wishes Trevor


26/3/2015 9:00 pm  #5


Well done Trevor, a great effort.


27/3/2015 8:20 am  #6


Stottet wrote:

I have told Craig & Adam that we've so far raised £880 for the first team budget

We could get whats'isface Freddie Sanders ? No Franny Soyabeans ? No,no, you know the bloke I mean back for the best part of 3 weeks with that sort of money


27/3/2015 9:22 am  #7


Thanks, alanj


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