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26/6/2013 11:07 am  #1

Breakaway club

As a part time follower of Tooting, I come on this board for the fun of reading the rather bizarre contributions of bolty, stan loonyman in whatever guise he posts in, zonecross etc. and the enjoy amusement of people infighting over the clubs set up etc.

Then I read the news of a "breakaway" club and thought it must be April 1st.

With average gates of 200 ish there is not enough support for one club, l;et alone two..... Who arte these idiots? Still, at least they can go and infight at their own little plaything rather than the "proper" tooting and Mitcham.


26/6/2013 11:47 am  #2

Re: Breakaway club

Do you know what.  If people feel strongly enough about the hierarchy and structure of the club, that they feel that their contributions will be better accepted at another club, then I think you can admire someone who actually gets off their arses and actaully does something about it.

But I would say that the large majority of fans just continue to support the club through the ups and downs and the thick and the thin, regardless of the ownership and the management.  Thats how football support is in this country.  And if the club was to eventually fold, then I'm sure that most of us will still be there at the bitter end.

But when you see people like Nick "100% genuine" Bolt continue his bitter bad-mouthing of the club and its fans on this forum you have to wonder why they don't just fiddlesticks off and enjoy their own club which they have obviously worked hard for.  Their continual invective just erodes any goodwill that United fans might have for Wanderers.


26/6/2013 12:11 pm  #3

Re: Breakaway club

I just speak as I find endo.

As for 'davids' posting, shouldn't that have been under the heading ' LIGHTING THE BLUE TOUCHPAPER ' ?

My trouble is I'm a philanthropist, I like everyone.... Bolty, Stan, Jackie Watkins et al.

I refuse to take sides, I just wanna watch a game of footie, have a few beers, eat a greasy burger and hope Tooting & Mitcham win.


26/6/2013 7:50 pm  #4

Re: Breakaway club

What i really cant fathom is why any of you would still want to give your money to that cretin Adkins knowing full well that the admission money you all work hard for and pay every week doesnt go back into the football side of things at the club whatsoever. Budget cut after budget cut, managers getting screwed over, good football people like Luke Sainsbury, Bolty, Danny Lee etc getting the cold shoulder from "him upstairs". He doesnt care about us never has done, he doesnt care about football. I understand your point bog end ultra about just wanting to watch the game, have a beer and burger then go home etc.....WE HAVE ALWAYS WANTED THAT ALSO, however with such a small fan base sometimes we have no choice but to get involved in the politics at the club. At this level of the football pyramid the politics of the club affects every single one of us. TM United(how annoyed i am about the name change is unreal) is dead on its feet. Its a sad sad state of affairs and i wish itd have never ever come to this but Wanderers are an insurance policy AND NOT a vigilante group like you think we are. We are Tooting and Mitcham United fans......not the hub fc......or zonecross.......or TM United or TM s&l fc or whatever name Adkins feels like changing it too to boost his chances of another community grant. Did i say grant? Dont get me started on that one. The Wanderers ARE NOT a rival The Wanderers ARE NOT against any of you, players or management team at TM United, The Wanderers ARE NOT a protest club. The Wanderers ARE and WANT to keep the history of Tooting and Mitcham United fc preserved, safe and to provide a future for all of us once it goes to pot at the white elephant they call Imperial Fields....or KNK stadion or the naafi or whatever its fucking called these days. It is a club that wants to run alongside TM United and once that goes there will be a club to support with the original badge etc. Its not us v you!!!! We saw the state the club was gonna get into years ago yet we did NOTHING and resorted to that mentality of "well it aint affecting us that much at the moment so we will leave the pot to simmer a wee bit longer". Who will you go and follow when it goes belly up big style??? I think its a sure thing that 99% will come to Wanderers and help us bring back the good old days. Watch this space. I wish Super Craig Tanner all the best, great player, great bloke and hope with all the Rubbish he'll have to go through that he gets the results he and whoever dons the shirt deserves. And let me guess one of you will reply "Oh but Ash you live in Somerset so whats it to do with you"....well let me tell ya i might not have been much last few years but the passion is still there and from 160 miles away i still give a fiddlesticks. Ill be at Wanderers next season, i will not hand over any pound sterling to TM United and contributing any more to its imminent perishable ending.


26/6/2013 8:03 pm  #5

Re: Breakaway club

David. S

What is your opinion of Jackie Watkins? Do you think her and her cronie Adkins should be banned from going anywhere near a football club in the future? Do you reckon they even like football because on Jackie Watkins facebook page under the sport section on her likes page it says "dont make me laugh" obviously meaning she has no interest in football or sport in general whatsoever.

What about the silverback Stevie boy Adkins? Did you know my mate who played in the reserves was  lets just say getting close to our Jackie whilst old Stevie was sunning himself on the neopolitan riviera?

David s id love to tell you more about how theyve destroyed TMUFC but we'll leave that for another time eh.

Thanks for calling us idiots. Didnt know it was only idiots who cared about the future of the club and its supporters

Tiddly byes



28/6/2013 10:08 pm  #6

Re: Breakaway club

Davids, with gates less than 200 of whom many are away supporters that leaves several hundred idiots who have given up handing their cash over to Watkins & Adkins in the vain hope of seeing a half consistent team in stripes take the pitch and the bills paid, in a few short years.
TMWfc provide both a backup plan for the future of the Terrors, and a home for the idiots who prefer to know their cash goes to the team.
There is also a good dozen kids team who come from the area and fled the nest who might prefer a home from home too. 
And if that provokes an outburst of financial transparency, an unbreakable commitment to an Isthmian level team, and a proper long term future at the KNK before the paint finishes peeling off its job done.


29/6/2013 2:11 am  #7

Re: Breakaway club

anonemouse................a man who speak sense


29/6/2013 5:07 am  #8

Re: Breakaway club

I`ll second that

anonemouse................a man who speak sense



29/6/2013 6:45 am  #9

Re: Breakaway club

I'll third that

anonemouse................a man who speak sense


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